Sponsors are being sought for a calendar fundraiser designed with one simple goal - raise funds for a new fire/tornado safety educational trailer for the Grove Fire Department.

The 15-month calendar, going from October 2019 to December 2020, will feature members of the Grove Fire Department.

Both full-time and volunteer members, many shown with their children, are included in the effort.

Sponsorships are $200 each and benefit the printing of the calendar and the purchase of the trailer. Each sponsor will be recognized within the calendar.

”The firefighters literally wore their first little ‘smokehouse‘ safety trailer out educating children in northeast Oklahoma,” said Patti Beth Anderson, one of the fundraising leaders. “Thousands of kids and miles and lessons learned.

“Our firefighters do so much for our area, they are willing to do more with this piece of equipment. A sponsorship for this worthy project could help in prevention of a fire or a tragic loss. We all should want to be a part.”

Production cost for the calendar is offset through donations of time and energy by R.C. Livesay, who shot the various photographs, and Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller, who is designing the finished product.

The task force members are working with CBI Printing in Grove, to prepare the finished product.

All donations, including the sponsorships, are tax-deductible.

Calendars will be released on Saturday, Oct. 5, during a Breakfast With The Firemen autograph/reveal party at the Grove Community Center. Each calendar will cost $20.

“I am excited about the calendar in that it will show the faces of the men and women that protect this community,” said Grove Fire Chief Mike Reed. “We want to show the public that these dedicated first responders are from every walk of life, and have shown a commitment to make a positive impact on the world.”

Beyond the calendar

Proceeds from the calendar will be used to purchase a new fire/tornado safety educational trailer to be used by members of the Grove Fire Department as a hands-on teaching tool.

The specially-designed trailer will cost in excess of $80,000. It is designed to serve as a mini-classroom which is equipped to provide a place for students to watch educational films related to both fire and tornado safety.

It will also allow firemen to demonstrate to an entire class of students how smoke can fill a room, kitchen safety, and how to safely exit a structure during a fire emergency or take shelter during a tornado.

“This trailer is needed to educate the children in our community about fire prevention, fire safety and weather awareness and procedures,” Reed said. “I’m grateful members of the community have teamed up to develop the calendar and raise the funds needed for this project.”

Students slated to be impacted by this trailer include those who attend Grove, Cleora, Turkey Ford, Wyandotte, Fairland and Afton public schools. The programs presented within the trailer are not age specific.

Additionally, at least 2,000 students will have an opportunity to take part in the trailer programing during Camp Bandage.

“The American Red Cross states that every day, seven people in America die in house fires,” said Anderson. “It is possible, that if a home catches on fire, the child - educated in the fire educational trailer - may be the only family member with the training and skills to help their family in the emergency.”

For more information, or to make a donation, persons interested may contact Anderson at 918-786-3318, Chris Lietzke at 918-791-1947 or pick up a sponsorship envelope at Grove City Hall or Grove Fire Department.