The following items were filed July 22 to July 28, 2019, in Delaware County District Court. The information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website.


Brown, Tyler Patrick, Lewd Molestation

Clark, Haley Jean, Burglary In the Third Degree

Delucia, Paul Nicholas, Battery/Assault & Battery On Police Officer

Holto, Maddison, Burglary In the Third Degree

Johnny Lee, Bail Jumping

Rider, Daniel C., Harboring A Fugitive From Justice

Rider, Daniel C., Aggravated Assault and Battery

Young, Ryan William, Aggravated Assault and Battery


Arita, Jose, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Barnard Jr, Matt Wayne, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Berry, Nickalas Jo, Domestic Assault And Battery In Presence of Minor

Brock, Randy Allen, Obtaining Merchandise By Means of Bogus Check

Castellanos, Lasay Elizabeth, Trespassing After Being Forbidden

Cedatol, Bobby, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Cox, James Dwayne, Contributing To Delinquency of Minor

Dacalio, Victoria, Operate Vehicle W/Expired/Improper Tag/Decal

Johnson, Johnny Lee, Possession of CDS - Methamphetamine

Jones, Alexis Marie, Public Intoxication

Jones, Michael, Public Intoxication

Jordon, Allen Keith, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Overstreet, Richard Anthony, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Ritchie, Allen Bradley, Leaving Scene of Accident Involving Damage

Sharp, Coweta M, No Ins

Thomas, Jack Samuel, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Wass, Sara Michelle, Public Intoxication

Protective Orders

Cox, James Dwayne II Vs. Bonbrake, Gracie Ellen

Cummings, Shelby Elaina Vs. Sharp, Franky Ray

Morrison, Tonya Renay Vs. Kauffeld, Donis Jo Dell

Marriage Licenses