The OKC Thunder has unveiled a brand new jersey design.

With the 25th Anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building occurring during the 2019-2020 season, the newest uniform is made in partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

The uniform features the times "9:01" on the right leg of the shorts and "9:03" on left side of the shorts. 'The Survivor Tree', a 90-year-old American Elm tree is featured on the waistband.

“April 19th, 1995 changed our city forever. The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum serves our community by helping us remember those lost, yet also tells a story of a city that comes together with compassion,” said Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti. “The Thunder is honored to continue to strengthen our relationship with the Oklahoma City Memorial with this endeavor. Additionally, the chance to help further the memorial's efforts around the Oklahoma Standard expands our support beyond that of the uniform. Although the Oklahoma Standard means something unique to everyone individually, raising awareness of its importance and ultimate evolution alongside that of our city is essential. Any progress we can make to help preserve and ultimately further articulate the simple acts of service, honor and kindness that have helped contribute to Oklahoma's community identity is a pivotal aspect to the broader civic impact we envision.”

The team is underwriting a new, permanent exhibit in honor of the Oklahoma Standard. Additionally, the team is funding free admission to the National Memorial Museum once a month during the 2020 year.

”Our partnership with the Thunder has continued to grow stronger. For more than a decade, every player experiences and comes to understand the Oklahoma Standard by visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum,” said Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Executive Director, Kari Watkins. “We have been working together on this meaningful uniform for months. This is a unique way to expand our mission to a global audience and to remember all those impacted. This uniform has many important symbolic elements that are reflective of this sacred site.”