QuoteWizard Insurance, a Lending Tree company has released a list of best and worst drivers in the Sooner State.

Though some might not agree with this, Oklahoma has some of the best drivers in the county. In QuoteWizards most recent study of all 50 states, Oklahoma ranked third best driving state in the country. Oklahoma regularly rates among the best drivers in the country and it’s biggest cities Tulsa and Oklahoma City also rate well. Tulsa ranked seventh best driving city in the county, while Oklahoma City came in at 36th best.

Tulsa drivers in this study also rated as better drivers than folks in OKC. OKC metro area drivers are listed with Newcastle, Choctaw and Moore were among the worst in the state. Since Oklahoma drivers are among the best, one can really only consider the worst drivers in the state the worst of the best.

To determine overall driver quality in Oklahoma, the company ranked the 50 largest cities in the state and analyzed over 65,000 insurance quotes from Oklahoma drivers using QuoteWizard.com and ranked cities by the highest rate of incidents. Incidents include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

Worst Cities


Heading on I-44 south from OKC, you’ll pass right through Oklahoma’s worst drivers. Newcastle takes the top spot as Oklahom’s worst of the worst. While I-44 passes through Newcastle, there’s not many high traffic highways. Given the low rate of traffic risk, Newcastle drivers might truly be the worst in the state. McClain county is no exception either. As a whole, McClain county accounted for 35.58 road fatalities per 100,000 people in 2017. The rate of 35.58 is more than double the 16.66 statewide rate.


Another OKC suburb tucked away in a low traffic area. Choctaw’s only highway through town is highway 62. With the low rate of traffic in town, Chocktaw drivers are proving themselves to be almost as bad as Newcastle drivers. Large Oklahoma county encompases lare swaths of the city and north eastern suburbs. Choctaw is rated among the worst drivers in the state, but Oklahoma county had a fairly low rate of road fatalities. Oklahoma county accounted for 11.42 road fatalities per 100,000 in 2017, well below the state average.


Moore gets more of a pass than Newcastle and Choctaw for it’s bad driving. Busy I-35 south from OKC will take you right into Moore. The high rate of traffic going through town will ultimately lead to more incidents among residents. The higher rate of traffic doesn’t completely let Moore residents off the hook for their bad driving-however. Cleveland county does have a fairly good record when it comes to road fatalities. 8.94 fatalities per 100,000 people in 2017 was nearly half the state average.

Best Cities


Heading south west on the same I-44 that made Newcastle drivers the worst in the state, you’ll run into Oklahoma’s best driving city. Getting far outside the big city does help reduce the rate of incidents on the roads of Chickasha. A town of 16,000 has the advantage of less people on the roads with less chance of incidents. Unfortunately, high marks in driver quality from our data doesn’t reflect on Grady counties fatality rates. A road fatality rate of 25.16 per 100,000 people in Grady county, makes it among the most dangerous counties in the state.

Ponca City

Getting outside of the big city befits drivers of Ponca City just as it does for Chickasha. Ponca City is a decent size of 25,000, but with no major highways running through town there’s not much traffic to create incidents. Residents of Ponca City should still hang their hat on a low rate of incidents and safe driving habits. Being the largest city in Kay county, Ponca City plays a significant role in the counties low rate of fatalities. In 2017 Kay county had 8.98 road fatalities per 100,000 people.


Rounding out the top 3, Wagoner is another small town outside of any big city traffic. It’s easy to avoid traffic incidents in small towns, but Wagoner residents are exceptionally good drivers to boot. Wagoner county tallied on of the lowest fatality rates in the state. Per 100,000 people Wagoner county only had 7.63 road fatalities.

Complete List of the Worst Cities

1 Newcastle

2 Choctaw

3 Moore

4 Edmond

5 Mustang

6 McAlester

7 The Village

8 Claremore

9 Bethany

10 Warr Acres

11 El Reno

12 Norman

13 Duncan

14 Yukon

15 Broken Arrow

16 Woodward

17 Guymon

18 Poteau

19 Owasso

20 Oklahoma City

21 Sapulpa

22 Sand Springs

23 Stillwater

24 Midwest City

25 Bixby

Complete List of the Best Cities

1 Chickasha

2 Ponca City

3 Wagoner

4 Elk City

5 Pryor Creek

6 Okmulgee

7 Clinton

8 Coweta

9 Muskogee

10 Tahlequah

11 Jenks

12 Del City

13 Altus

14 Miami

15 Glenpool

16 Ada

17 Weatherford

18 Enid

19 Ardmore

20 Tulsa

21 Lawton

22 Shawnee

23 Guthrie

24 Bartlesville

25 Durant