L and L Pawn's business is “on the grow” and they are preparing to move into a new building to facilitate the growth.

On August 30 they will host a grand opening in their new 18,000 square foot building which will have over 5,000 square feet of retail space, bigger than the total existing building.

Owner, Laramy O’Leary, is the third generation to lead the enterprise.

His grandfather, Lawrence, started the business in 1981, then his father, Larry, ran the business before selling it to Laramy in 2017.

The store’s first location was downtown, where the Ice Box is now, before moving to their present location in 2000.

Laramy literally grew up in the business.

He’d come in after school, get a pop and candy bar, then work in the store until it closed for the evening.

He hopes his daughter, now four years old, will follow in his footsteps and grow up in the business as he did.

The new store is designed to be a statement in Jay of the commitment and belief in Jay by L & L Pawn, to be a destination location bringing customers in from all areas of the state and outside the state.

“We have regular customers coming from the four state area and even as far away as Florida” answered O’Leary when asked from how big an area the business draws.

He went on to say “This is my home, I grew up here and I don’t have a desire to be anywhere else.”

The design and layout of the new store will “kinda mimic” other sporting goods stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro.

That’s very intentional because one would have to travel 40 – 50 miles to one of those big box stores, plus “there isn’t anything else to support the south side of Grand Lake or Eucha.”

Additionally, L & L’s pricing structure will be competitive with those sporting goods stores and even with Walmart and Tackle Warehouse.

The store will continue to offer pawn and retail, while expanding retail offerings in guns, hunting, a full line of fishing equipment, clothing, bows and cross bows

“We love to pawn and pawn numbers are staying strong and the reason for that is that L & L Pawn exceed state law.”

The state requires pawned items to be held 60 days, but L & L’s policy is to hold pawned items for 90 days, resulting in a very high 76% redemption rate.

“We’re unique in that we like to do big items like vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. because we have the room to handle those items” explained O’Leary “and now we’ll be able to do more.”

On the retail side, they specialize in collectible guns and suppressors.

They are a Class 3 dealer and can sell guns other dealers aren’t allowed to sell, including machine guns, if they so choose.

Currently, they have almost 2000 guns in stocks and they sell around 300 guns per month.

The new facility will have a huge walk in gun safe for storage and will allow for expanding the gun inventory.

It will have a two-gun range and a 2 -4 bow range, all indoors.

The gun range will allow buyers to test fire and try out a firearm for fit and suitability for the buyer, “complementing and enhancing firearm sales” as O’Leary commented.

Additionally, it will be available for law enforcement to train and for the community to use for $20/day.

The new building will feature a lot of “mounts” which were shot by the family or staff which will be displayed on the walls in the retail space.

O’Leary is really proud of Jay businesses and L & L Pawn, “We all are big on supporting the community, doing a lot of donations to help our school and community groups.”

One reason O’Leary is excited about expanding sales in Jay is because “local dollars spent here, stay here” in form of donations, more retail sales and sales taxes.

He is excited to be part of Jay’s growth and future as they get ready to open with a larger pawn and retail footprint in Jay.

The grand opening is planned for August 30 and they’re planning for a big turnout, more than 700 people.

They have secured the Shotpouch family to provide Bar B Que and all the fixin’s and it will be free to everyone who comes to the grand opening.

There will be some great giveaways; for example a $1200 Browning rifle and numerous other giveaways.

Huge sales will be available like $150 off all Browning center fire rifles and Benelli auto shotguns.

O’Leary encourages everyone to stop by before the grand opening and pick up a flyer to get the latest and accurate listing of sales and giveaways.

Jay’s growth continues as J-Way Cafe has purchased the existing L & L Pawn building and will move from their current location, once they complete the remodel.

Stay tuned to the Delaware County Journal for more on that move.