The 39th biennial Quilt Show filled the Grove Civic Center on July 18, 19 and 20, with over 200 quilt entries from the four state area and from places as far away as Florida and Utah.

July 18th was the VIP night for sponsors and vendors, with the show on the 19th and 20th.

Cindy Reynolds (show chair), Vicki Fellhauer and Karen Phelps served as this year’s steering committee.

They said the attendance was on track as they expected the usual attendance to reach 1000 – 1200 people again this year.

Though quilt shows are usually thought to be primarily for the female part of the population, the steering committee arranged for a Man Cave to be set up for husbands.

As their significant other roamed the civic center floor, examined the artistry and sat in on presentations, the Man Cave was showing Westerns, had pizza available, cookies, tea and coffee for the men.

Besides the usual prizes and ribbons, the show had Grove’s Eudora Read as the Featured Artist, it was set up with a collection of her quilts and she was available to answer questions and meet attendees.

Her husband of 72 years was proud to be sitting with her and said of her quilting “it keeps her off the streets and out of the bars!”

Additionally, each vendor, each sponsor and each judge were able to pick their favorite quilt and award a ribbon.

Food and snacks were made available by a group of “SOB”s”, self-named Santa’s Old Broads, a Grove women’s club.

They raise funds throughout the year selling food and snacks at different events.

At Christmas, they take every penny earned and purchase gifts for children in Delaware County totaling $100 for each child; a toy, socks, shoes, underwear and other items needed by the child.

A great amount of teamwork and coordination went into making the 39th biennial quilt show another solid success and they will be back to do it again in two years.