After all the preparation, glamour, hairspray and rhinestones, the 2020 titleholders have been crowned.

With four titles on the line, seven Miss contestants and eight Teen contestants gave everything they had and left it all in the hands of capable judges. Miss Grand Lake, Miss Grand Lake's Outstanding Teen, Miss Delaware County and Miss Delaware County's Outstanding Teen were all selected on Saturday, July 20.

Miss Grand Lake 2020

Winning the title of Miss Grand Lake is Sara Massey of Tulsa. Massey has been studying human development and family studies at the University of Alabama.

Massey has a history with the Grand Lake pageant and has held the title of Miss Delaware County 2016. But for the last year, Massey has taken a backseat to her sister, Sydney, who won the title of Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen 2018.

"I took a year off, I knew I needed to play the role of big sister," said Massey. "I was watching Miss Oklahoma and I was like I want to do that so bad and I want to be Miss Oklahoma so bad. Looking back on my years as Miss Delaware County, they were my favorite ones. So I had my fingers crossed to get back into the community and back with these directors."

Massey says that hearing her name called was a sudden realization.

"The moment they called my name, it was just a realization, holy crap, I did it," said Massey.

Massey said her celebration included a nap. But Massey is no stranger to hard work. In preparation for the pageant Massey practiced dancing nearly every day, walking in her heavily beaded gown and staying up to date on current events.

"I always try to make sure I'm updated and informed because I believe that is part of my responsibility as a citizen," said Massey.

Massey has plans for her time as a title holder.

"The first thing I want to do is partner with DCSSAN again," said Massey. "That was the highlight of my year [as Miss Delaware County 2016], going the masquerade ball, helping with the sexual assault walk and helping with the tea party and the Women's Expo. I want the community of Grand Lake and Delaware County to know who I am."

Massey has already shared her platform "You Gotta Believe" with more than 30,000 students, parents and teachers and is excited to visit schools in the area.

"I was sexually assaulted when I was six years old by a sixteen year old neighbor and I didn't talk about it for ten years. I didn't know that what happened to me had a name," said Massey. "I realized that I could have a voice for others."

Massey has researched how to talk to students of all ages and will discuss the difference between good secrets and bad secrets through exercises.

"I find it is a lot more effective if you let them figure out the difference [between the secrets] on their own," said Massey.

Massey is already preparing for Miss Oklahoma by planning with her directors and by perfecting her dance through practice.

Miss Delaware County 2020

Winning the title of Miss Delaware County 2020 is Ashlin Murray of Weatherford. Murray attends Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she studies family law and plans to specialize in adoption.

Murray says that in the moment of hearing her name called she was "so stinking excited".

"I have actually been to Miss Grand Lake and Miss Delaware County pageant before and I have always wanted to win their pageant because they are so good to their girls, so it's a dream come true," said Murray.

Murray said she celebrated with a turtle sunday from Braum's.

Murray spent quite a bit of time preparing for the pageant by discussing politics, especially the hard, polarizing questions, and by singing.

"I hadn't sang it in a while and I had to do some brushing up," said Murray of the difficult aria from 'Queen of the Night'.

Murray's platform is 'Fostering the Future'.

"It's spreading awareness and the amount of adoptive homes needed in Oklahoma. I'd really like to bring that project up to the Delaware County area and get them involved," said Murray.

Murray says that while she hasn't been personally involved with fostering, she is very hands on with the Post-Adjudication Review Board for her county and is gaining hands on experience through her work.

"We review the cases and make recommendations to the judge regarding the future of the children who have been in and out of care," said Murray.

Murray has also organized toy drives and fundraisers to help children in foster care.

In preparation of Miss Oklahoma, Murray is focusing on selecting a new musical number.

"You can only sing a song twice at Miss Oklahoma and I've sung this one twice," said Murray. "So I've been brainstorming and coming up with ideas."

Miss Grand Lake's Outstanding Teen 2020

Winning the title of Miss Grand Lake's Outstanding Teen is Rylee Taylor of Jenks. Taylor is a student at Jenks High School and was first runner-up at Miss Huckleberry's Outstanding Teen 2020.

Taylor has been competing for a few years and was thrilled to win the title of Miss Grand Lake's Outstanding Teen.

"I love the lake and I love going there, I have family there, so this gives me even more reason to go there all the time, so I am very excited," said Taylor.

Taylor celebrated by visiting IHop and eating cupcake pancakes complete with sprinkles.

In preparation for the pageant, Taylor practiced modeling, walking in heels, working out, doing pushups on stage, talking, particularly talking slowly and working on her talent, tap dancing.

"I've been doing my tap dance for a couple of years, so just making sure I'm doing it, but spicing it up and just making sure the technique is always there," said Taylor.

During her time as a titleholder, Taylor wants to focus on her platform, "You're the Byline".

"I want to focus on my platform and get my platform started in Grove," said Taylor. "It's all about speaking to kids in elementary school about mental health and giving them the tools and coping mechanisms to help them later in life."

Taylor says that the main tool she wants to equip kids with is writing and taking control of their own story.

"Writing is something that has helped me in my life and I want to spread that to help figure out what you're going through," said Taylor.

Taylor has already started researching ways to communicate with her audience and how to respond when kids tell you something personal. Taylor also says she is ready to put her research to work.

As for the Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen pageant, Taylor has a few things she's focused on.

"At this moment, I am really really focused on getting a new tap dance together so that I can shine on stage," said Taylor. "I am super excited to represent Grand Lake."

Miss Delaware County's Outstanding Teen 2020

Winning the title of Miss Delaware County's Outstanding Teen 2020 is Lauren Duffy of Bixby. Duffy is a student at Bixby High School.

Duffy says she was shocked that her name was called as a titleholder.

"I couldn't believe that my time had come to wear that crown. I am very humbled and honored be the next Miss Delaware County's Outstanding Teen," said Duffey.

The Duffy family celebrated by taking a boat out on the lake and had a dance party onboard.

In preparation for the pageant, Duffy said that many hours in and out of the studio to prepare.

"The main focus of this pageant was the interview. We spent many hours focusing on questions and how to answer them properly," said Duffy.

Duffy hopes to win the crown at Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen.

Duffy's platform, "Be a Warrior", talks about keeping kids safe from online predators.

"This platform means a lot to me. I have always had a special place in my heart for kids ever since I started doing mission trips and serving these kids. Human Trafficking has become an issue in today's society. My goal is to create awareness and give kids solutions to get out of dangerous situations," said Duffy. "I want to educate these kids on the dangers that are on their phones."

Duffy would like to keep as many kids safe from predators as she can.

As for the upcoming Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen pageant, Duffy is striving to become the best contestant she can be.

"I am very excited to take on this new journey as Miss Delaware County's Outstanding Teen. I am very honored and can't wait to start this adventure," said Duffy.