Tuesday, July 10, 2019, more than 60 Cherokee Nation citizens have signed a letter to the Cherokee Nation Election Commission demanding a forensic audit of all candidate's financial reports associated with Cherokee Futures, LLC.

Cherokee Futures, LLC is a company led by Chuck Hoskins, Sr. while he serves as Chief of Staff of the Cherokee Nation and Mayor of Vinita.

Based on publicly available data and reports, Cherokee Futures, LLC does not appear to be designated as a financial agent but does appear to have accepted campaign monies and made expenditures on behalf of multiple candidates in the recent Cherokee Nation elections. Candidates who appear to have participated in the Cherokee Futures, LLC are Chief-elect Chuck Hoskins, Jr. and Deputy Chief-elect Bryan Warner as well as several Tribal Council candidates according to their public campaign reports.

Cherokee Nation Tribal law requires candidates to be transparent about all expenditures made by their campaign or by others as an in-kind.

The Cherokee citizen's letter specifically points to an official 2013 Cherokee Nation Attorney General Opinion requested by then-Councilman Chuck Hoskins, Jr.

Candidates for elective office may retain the services of professional campaign firms to assist candidates in the management of his or her campaign; provided that any professional campaign firm authorized to accept campaign contributions and make campaign expenditures on a candidate’s behalf must be designated as a “financial agent” to the Election Commission and must comply with the various regulations regarding campaign contributions, expenditures, record keeping and disclosures as set forth in the Election Code. (underlined emphasis added)

Cherokee citizens are demanding the Cherokee Nation Election Commission provide transparency by following the Tribal laws and conducting an independent forensic audit of the financial records of all candidates who used Cherokee Futures, LLC before anyone is seated on August 14, 2019.

An independent audit and investigation is specifically being requested because of the apparent conflicts of interest publicly proclaimed by the Cherokee Nation Attorney General (AG) Todd Hembree and his Assistant AG Chrissi Nimmo who donated to the Hoskins and Warner campaigns.