The winners of the 2019 Huckleberry Festival Pie contest collected their checks in the winning categories for their entries, at the Marie Wallace Historical Museum in Jay.

There were three pie divisions; Huckleberry, Fruit and Cream and in each division there was an adult and youth category.

A record amount of pies were entered at this year's Festival and the winning bakers are listed below.

Huckleberry Pie Division


1st Edna Gibe $100

2nd Sarah Adams $50

3rd Whitney Farley $25


1st Khloe Murray $100

2nd Lexie Farley $50

3rd Kennedy Troester $25

Fruit Pie Division


1st Zelda Houck $50

2nd Virginia Cordell $25

3rd Edna Gibe $10


1st Peyton Stump $50

2nd Olivia Hudson $25

3rd Lexie Farley $10

Cream Pie Division


1st Leanna Buske $50

2nd Leisa Cowart $25

3rd Beverly Buzzard $10


1st Kennedy Troester $50