For nine days, the local public school facilities will be closed to high school athletes. 

From Saturday, June 29, until Sunday, July 7, high school athletes are not allowed to use any of the high school's athletic facilities, due to the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association Summertime Dead Period. 

Contact between coaches and players concerning coaching, teaching, training or instructing is prohibited during this time. 

Violation of the OSSAA Summertime Dead Period can result in the coach or sponsor being suspended for the first half of the regular season in that athletic activity. School personnel no designated as a coach or sponsor who violate this period will result in the head coach being suspended for the first half of the regular season. 

This dead period applies to all of the following sports:

• baseball

• basketball

• cheerleading

• cross country

• football

• golf

• soccer

• softball

• swimming

• tennis

• track and field

• volleyball

• wrestling