Out in the middle of nowhere, near Butler, take a drive down South 680 Road and you will happen upon Organic Blueberries.

Formerly Wisley’s Organic Blueberries, the new owners of the farm still operates on the same standards previously used.

After a visit from the Grove Early Childhood Center, Brandon Bronaugh posted: ”it used to be Wisley’s organic blueberries. Just different owners same great taste!”

For Rebecca, she has always wanted a place with a creek. When the opportunity arose about a year ago, Rebecca bought her dream place, complete with blueberries already planted.

“It’s a lot of work but we love it," said Marcella.

Rebecca calls the now nine year old blueberry plants a bonus to the home she purchased for her family.

“It’s like having a big garden. I’ve been able to meet all the neighbors,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca said that the community was curious about what happening at the farm, so she stuck a sign out letting them know she was taking care of the berries.

“The community loves them,” she said. “There is such an abundance this year because of all of the rain!”

The multitude of berries has caused a few of the local grocery stores donate flats to help with the harvest.

The farm has buckets full of pre-picked blueberries available to purchase or families can come pick their own. Rebecca said she loves watching the kids and how excited they get with their buckets full of berries.

“We will be picking berries for about another month, due to the abundance this year,” she said.

The leftover berries will be frozen, so that none go to waste.

For more information on how to pick your own blueberries or to purchase a bucket, call 918-786-0664.