Senior Chat Hayes has made the 2019 4A Middle East All-State Baseball team.

Hayes has put up some impressive stats this season, throwing 810 pitches in 49.1 innings for the Ridgerunners. Of those 810 pitches, Hayes threw 88 strike outs, only allowing nineteen hits, seven runs, two errors and walked twenty-one batters during his time on the mound.

From the batter's box, Hays stepped up to the plate 77 times, getting twenty-two hits, batting in thirteen runs and scoring eleven runs himself.

"Congratulations to Chat and his family. We are very proud that Chat is able to represent the Ridgerunner Nation. [Hayes] has had a tremendous year and always did everything we asked him to do. He is a great example of what can be down through hard work and determination," said Grove Pitching Coach Drew Osborne.

2019 All-State Roster

Brenton Beck, Pitcher, Atoka

Chat Hayes, Pitcher, Grove

Braden Green, Pitcher, Mannford

Clay Cross, Catcher, Poteau

Rylee Holmes, Catcher, Kingston

Terril Dodson, First Base, Bethel

Justin Richards, Infield, Sallisaw

Coby Grimsley, Infield, Atoka

Jayden Shafer, Infield, Tecumseh

Brock Hendrix, Outfield, Berryhill

Carson Cheek, Outfield, Poteau

Heath Stewart, Outfield, Salina 

Conner Womack, Designated Hitter, Miami

Justin Dunlap, Utility, Metro Christian 

Dwayne Dale, Coach, Atoka

Larry Coleman, Coach, Berryhill