Tennis seniors Kenny Wright and Silas Rosiere have signed with Newman University.

Both Wright and Rosiere are excited to transition into college athletics.

“Definitely something I’m looking forward to for sure,” said Rosiere.

The teammates found the school via Wright’s girlfriend, who attends the university.

“[My girlfriend] was the reason I started looking [at Newman], but then when I actually went there and was walking around the campus on the campus tour and I was surrounded by all the people, it really felt like a family and that’s something that I wanted to be a part of, so I chose it,” said Wright.

When Wright decided to attend, Rosiere was not far behind.

“Newman’s got a great tennis program, they’ve been going for awhile,” said Rosiere.

The Jets tennis program is only in it’s seventh year of competition, but the team finished the 2018-19 season with a record of 9-16. Three of the team members have been named to the All Heartland Conference Teams.

Both Wright and Rosiere want to go into the dentistry profession, but are taking slightly different routes to get there.

“Biochemistry. To become a dentist. I shadowed my dentist and I really enjoyed it. My mom has been a lawyer for all her of her life and she’s always told me to be a dentist because they make more money and they don’t work on Fridays. So I’m going to be a dentist,” said Wright.

Rosiere, who is studying biology, has a slightly different motivation for the profession.

“My grandfather is a dentist here in Grove, Eldon Strumdon D.D.S. and ever since I was young, getting cleanings from him, I’ve just fallen in love with the art,” said Rosiere.

Grove’s head tennis coach, Todd Kerr, calls both Wright and Rosiere high character individuals whom he wishes weren’t leaving his program.

“Kenny he’s our number one player this year, playing one singles. He’s stepped in and done a really great job for us. Someone had to step in at one singles and it’s the hardest spot. He only has a few loses, has been winning some tournaments,” said Kerr.

Wright finished in third place in 1 Singles at State.

Rosiere started a little later in life, but has caught up with the rest of the team.

“He came in late and has caught right up with them and has placed at every tournament he’s gone to. He’s going to be a great college player also. He’s just getting better and better. The ceiling is really high for him because he came in late but has made up lots of ground,” said Kerr.

Rosiere finished in seventh in 2 Singles at the tournament.

The two helped the team to a tie for third at State.

“Newman is going to be lucky to get both these guys,” said Kerr.

Wright and Rosiere are both thankful that Grove has the tennis program they do.

“We were really blessed in Grove, Oklahoma, a small town, with Coach Randy [Barker] and Coach Kerr. It’s not something you see in the rural community very often, so definitely glad to have them,” said Wright.

“Coach Kerr and Randy Barker, they do a great job on the Grove Tennis team and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” said Rosiere.