Seniors Macee Barnes, Jaden Redus and Wrangler Beal played in the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees All Star Classic game.

The game was held in Vinita on Thursday, May 9. Twenty schools were represented in the 41 year-old classic’s games. Afton, Adair, Bluejacket, Chouteau, Commerce, Colcord, Fairland, Grove, Jay, Kansas, Ketchum, Locust Grove, Miami, Oaks, Pryor, Salina, Quapaw, Vinita, Welch, and Wyandotte all had representatives playing in the games.

Girls Game

Both Barnes and Redus were on the white team for the game.

The dark team dominated the first quarter, with Vinita’s River Jefferies leading the scoring with seven points. The white team scored only eight points, with Wyandotte’s Tarrah Stephens scoring four. Barnes scored one point, making a free-throw.

At the half, The score was 27-17, in favor of the dark team. Barnes led the scoring with four.

The third quarter is where the momentum shifted. The white team scored twenty points to draw within four of the dark team, who led 41-37. Barnes and Stephens scored five and fourteen, respectively.

The white team also managed to hold the dark team to four points in the fourth quarter, while scoring seven. With just one point separating the team, the white team opted to hold the ball in an attempt to score a last second shot. Barnes worked the floor and drove into the paint, but the shot wouldn’t fall. The dark team would win 45-44.

Redus did not score during the game, but had a great many assists and rebounds. Barnes finished the game with fifteen points.

MVP’s were selected for both teams, Jefferies scored 16 for the dark team, which earned her the MVP. Stephens won the award for the light team with her contribution of twenty-three points.

Boys Game

Beal played on the white team, with Jay’s Tyler Madison, Oaks’ Tree Sanders and Miami’s Grant Nolte.

Beal busted a three to start the scoring. The first few minutes of the game were close, with the teams scoring shot for shot. Salina’s Matthew Littledave hit three threes to help the dark team pull away, ending the quarter 26-16.

The second quarter did little to help the white team, who only scored eleven, while the dark team scored twenty-one, making the score 47-27. Beal contributed another three and a two to the eleven.

The third quarter started with a hot dark team. Kansas’ Keeland Davis hit five threes and a two to score seventeen points of the thirty-three the team made in the quarter. The white team was only able to score 16, making the score 80-43.

In the fourth quarter, Ketchum’s Miles Monical stepped up and scored ten for the white team. But Monical was no match for the dark team who had two more threes by Davis and two from Oaks’ TJ Cummings. The dark team was on the precipice of breaking one hundred points for the last four minutes of the game. Finally with just over a minute to go Miami’s Terrance Krush scored a two to break the barrier and push the score into the three digits. The game would end with a score of 103-67.

Beal would score twelve points, going two of three from the line.

MVP’s for the boys game were Davis, who scored thirty points. for the dark team and Monical, with eighteen, for the white.