Friend, teacher, community supporter, grandmother.

Those are all titles used by Tyler Bush to describe the impact Wanda Spychalski has made within the Grove community in the past 35 years as owner of Wanda's Wee Day Care.

Tyler Bush grew up attending Spychalski's child care facility, which is located on Leisure Road.

Tyler Bush now works alongside his father, Brad, as part of B&B Heat & Air, Inc., in Grove.

Flash forward to this year, when the pair were attending a Lennox dealership meeting. They learned about the national program, Lennox Feel The Love, which helps provide new heat/cooling units to those in need.

Tyler Bush said he immediately thought about Spychalski, and her need for a new unit.

"The opportunity to try to help someone like Wanda and the daycare was obvious for me and for B&B," Tyler Bush said. "Wanda has always been and continues to be involved in the community giving back her time and money, whether it be supporting the school, athletics, or community fundraisers.

"She has been running the daycare for as long as I can remember. She loves all the kids that come through her daycare and continues to support them as they grow up."

Tyler Bush said Spychalski is more than a caregiver, rather many in the community see her as a grandmother.

"The opportunity for B&B to get involved and share some love with someone like Wanda and for the children of today and tomorrow was a no brainer. We feel blessed to be with such a great company in Lennox and have such great employees that allows us to do this."

So Tyler Bush approached his father about nominating Spychalski for the program.

"Wanda's meant everything to the kids in this community," Brad Bush said. "She's raised a lot of kids including people who work for me, and my own kids. She's loved by everybody in town."

Knowing it would be hard for Spychalski to raise the approximate $6,100 price tag needed for a new unit, Brad Bush approached his Lennox Territory Manager, Ted Austin, to see what could be accomplished.

He told Austin B&B Heat & Air employees would provide the installation labor at no charge, and asked if Lennox could help with the cost of the equipment.

"We've been in business here since 1983. This is the best community in the world at Grand Lake," Brad Bush said. "Giving people live here. We want to be a giving company and help people in their time of need."

While Spychalski's need fell outside of the national program's timeline, Austin said he was inspired by her work in the community and wanted to do something immediately.

"When Brad called me and said they would help cover the cost of the installation, if we could help with the equipment, I told him we would do more than help, we would donate it," Austin said. "Lennox gives me the power and opportunity to do something like this throughout the year.

"This was a chance to give back and help B&B help someone in their community. B&B has been our partner for the past 36 years."

On Wednesday, May 15, workers from B&B Heat & Air, along with the Bushes and Austin, were on hand at the day care installing the new five ton, Lennox Heat Pump System.

Spychalski watched as the work took place around her center. She currently serves 31 children infants thorough 12-years.

"When they came in and told me the cost [$6,100], I bet my mouth dropped clear to the floor," Spychalski said.

With five employees rising to seven as the summer kicks in, and other costs associated with running a child care facility, Spychalski said the new equipment seemed like an insurmountable expense.

Then Brad Bush told her their plans to donate the labor and equipment.

"I told them no, they couldn't do it," Spychalski said. "But you have to know Brad, he's quite the person."

Spychalski said she eventually agreed, joking the unit might have been payback for some of Tyler's "little rotten" attitude as he grew up under her care.

"I've always had good kids and great parents," Spychalski said. "But a lot of my success has been due to the help I've had over the years. I couldn't have done it without them."

Spychalski said she is thrilled with the new unit.

"Nobody knows how much I appreciate it," Spychalski said. "It's just had to be an answer to prayer.

"After they told me the cost, I went home and said 'Lord, there's no way I can do this, you're going to have to help me,' and then he did this through Brad."

Spychalski has been in the child care business most of her life. In addition to having her own facility, she drove the bus for six years at the Turkey Ford School District and worked for four years with the Grove Head Start program.

"I'm grateful for Lennox and how Brad helped me," Spychalski said. "And I thank God he sent Brad to me."

Spychalski hesitates to put a number on how many children have crossed her path in the past 35 years. She does admit she's on her third generation of Grove children.

"Some call me Ms. Wanda, a lot call me Grandma," she said with a smile."They are just awesome kids. They don't give me trouble and they listen to me.

"They've got to have good parents to be able to listen as good as they do here."