A Wyandotte girl, missing since Friday, May 3, has been found alive in Florida.

Arianna Barrera, 15, a freshman at Wyandotte High School, was found at a private residence in Ruskin, Florida.

She was taken into protective custody by local authorities, according to her mother Arin Barnes.

Barnes said she will travel to Florida as soon as possible, thanks in part to assistance provided by Wyandotte Nation.

As of press time, no arrests have been made in the incident.

At the time of her May 3 disappearance, authorities believed Barrera may have been traveling to Florida via bus, to be with Alfredo "Wero" Garcia.

This lead came after a neighbor - who did not know Barrera was considered missing - saw the girl at NorthPark Mall in Joplin, Missouri.

During the conversation Barrera told her neighbor she and her mother argued, and she was planned to travel to visit her father in Florida by bus.

Using the information related to Florida, Barnes began to reach out via social media to various pages for potential leads.

Barnes said she found her daughter with the help of a 17-year-old girl named Nia Young after posting to a social media site called "Ruskin Family."

Young saw the post about Barrera's possible trip to Florida, and realized she knew the girl's ex-boyfriend.

"She knew of his obsessive behavior about my daughter and contacted me immediately," Barnes said.

Young notified authorities in Florida and Oklahoma, and eventually local authorities in Florida found Barrera and took her in to protective custody.

Barnes planned to fly down to pick up her daughter on Thursday.

"I owe this girl everything," Barnes said. "With the help of good people, I can bring Ari home and get her the help she needs."