Although back to back Regional Champions, two Grove students have a little more to be excited about than a repeat title.

Lady Red golfers Tabi Morrow and Trina Shorter have both signed with Missouri State Southern University, starting the next chapter in their athletic careers.

It all began with Ileta Bray, the Middle School golf coach.

“So in middle school, this lady, Ileta Bray, she came and she talked to us and asked if we would be interested in starting a middle school golf program. I look at Tabi and I was like ‘I’m good at golf’, cause our dads used to play together, and we just did it,” said Shorter. “We started the program there and we’ve been loving it ever since.”

As senior year rolled around, Shorter began looking into college golf programs. She sent out her schedule and asked coaches to come watch or to set up a visit. Within a week, MSSU had replied to set up a visit. It was on that visit that they told Shorter that they would love to have her on the roster.

“They have a new program, it’s maybe their third of fourth year. It’s kind of cool that we started the Grove Middle School program, then went into the high school and now we’re kind of starting their college golf,” said Shorter.

Both athletes are eager to start this new chapter of their lives.

“I am pretty excited. We’re both really big personalities and together we have so much fun. I can’t wait,” said Shorter.

“I’m really excited,” said Morrow. “I was already going there and I know Trina had said she was going to go. So I emailed the coach and told them some of my averages from last year. They emailed me back and asked me to go visit.”

Grove’s Athletic Director and Girls Golf Head Coach Richard Bassett is proud of his student athletes.

“It’s one of the reasons you get in [coaching], to see kids have success and go on to the next level,” said Bassett. “It just shows that our program is doing a good job and developing kids at that skill level and that we develop kids with character.”

Bassett has been working with Morrow and Shorter since their freshman year.

“You’ve got two teammates who have been together since junior high, that I know of, they’re going to get to go to college, they’ll get to room together and [play golf]. It’s really exciting,” said Bassett. “They work at it, they spend time at it and that is why they have developed and gotten to the level that they are at.”

Morrow was surprised at her score at the end of the day.

“I have no idea where that came from,” said Morrow. “We all struggled in the beginning and I wasn’t as confident, but as we started playing more holes, I started getting more comfortable and I was using clubs I wouldn’t normally use. I was taking risks.”

Bassett’s youngest daughter, Kara, was the first Lady Red golf student to sign with a college. Morrow and Shorter make the total signees three.

As for what they will be studying, Morrow is taking the biology route and studying pre-dental, while Shorter is pre-dental hygiene.

Morrow and Shorter have finished the 2019 season competing at the State Golf Tournament in Oklahoma City, where the team finished in sixth place.