Officially, freedom of religion is the law in Pakistan. Islamic radicals pay no heed to the law and persecute all who are not Muslim. Often, the government and the police turn a blind eye toward the persecution of minorities.

Cecil, a 15-year-old Christian lad asked the radicals in his neighborhood not to attack Christians. The radicals, just for being asked politely, attacked Cecil and his family home!

Cecil departed the area for several months hoping the radicals would cool down. They did not. After returning home, the radicals attacked Cecil and tortured him with shape objects. Cecil is receiving medical treatment, but his father and family members are still being threatened.

These threats come with the warning of dire consequence if the family reports to the police or takes legal action.

Stories like Cecil’s occur in every Muslim country. Life for a Christian in a Muslim country is like life on a middle school playground where the bullies have deadly weapons and the school doesn’t care.

Nothing will stop the spread of the gospel message, but the price is high. We in the free western world need to appreciate these brave brethren who share our faith and live under conditions we find impossible. Your prayers for the persecuted church and the free course of the gospel message are deeply appreciated by God and the brethren!

Kim Wenzel is a local Open Doors USA ministry representative who speaks in churches and groups about praying for the persecuted church. For more information, persons interested may contact Wenzel at or 918-919-1490. He pastors Faith Church of Grove on East Highway 10.