The Kansas Comets have dominated as they rolled on to secure the district championship with their win over Keys in a double header on April 24.

But they have been on a winning roll leading up to the two Keys match ups.

Comets vs. Siloam Springs

On April 20 the Comets traveled to Siloam Springs to take on the Panthers.

It took all seven innings to accomplish, but the Comets beat Siloam Springs 9 to 6.

The Comets put up a run in the first inning and two runs in the second inning, but the Panthers came back in the third inning to put up three runs, tying the game.

Neither team scored in the fourth, then Kansas broke free and brought in six runs, while Siloam Springs answered with only one run.

Again, in the sixth, neither team could get a run, then Kansas broke out two more runs at the bottom of the seventh to close out the game; Kansas 9, Siloam Springs 6.

Kansas vs. Wagoner

Two days later the Comets hosted the Wagoner Bulldogs and sent them home with their tails between their legs with a final score of Kansas 10, Wagoner 2.

The Comets came out strong the first inning by putting up four runs, but the Bulldogs added their first run in the second inning, with the Comets pretty well sealing the game with six more runs in the third.

The Bulldogs last gasp came in the top of the fifth with only one run, causing the game to be called in the Comets favor, after 4 ½ innings.

Kansas 10, Wagoner 2.

Kansas vs. Keys, post season double header

The Comets met the Keys Cougars for their first two post season games.

The Comets caught fire in the first inning of the first game, after Keys launched the first inning without scoring.

When Kansas came up to bat, they laid down six runs to kick off their first inning.

Keys couldn’t find a run in the second or the third inning, but that didn’t stop Kansas from finding more runs.

In the bottom of the second inning they tacked on another run and in the third inning added five more runs, bringing the game to a very quick halt after just three innings.

Comets 12, Bulldogs 0.

As the two teams met for another go around, Keys once again came up scoreless in the first inning.

Kansas was able to put three runs on the board, but then is was a battle for the next three innings as neither team could find a run to add to their own tally.

In the bottom of the fifth, the Comets squeezed another run for their side, but sent the Cougars home empty-handed from both games.

The Comets added a deuce to the mix, for a final score of Kansas 6, Keys 0.

“It was one of our team’s goals this year to win the District

Championship, as well as to win 20 games!” said Coach Austin Graham.

Graham went on to say “We are putting together a great season, hopefully we can play well in the Regional Tournament.”

Kansas’ overall record is 23 wins to 6 losses (with a .793 win %) and the District Championship fulfilled the team’s two goals, now on to the Regionals.

The team is playing tight, with very good offense and defense, so the regionals look very bright for the Comets.

The next game will be against Stilwell at Kansas, on Monday April 29, at 4:30 pm.