The county commissioners approved several financial measures during a recent meeting.

Approved was to transfer $17,000 from the OSU Extension Office personal services account to three other accounts, $13,000 to its capital outlay account; $2,000 to its maintenance and operations and $2,000 to its travel account.

In other financial matters, the commissioners approve transferring $25 from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Training Fund to its Service Fee Fund and to transfer $685 from the sheriff’s Special Fund to its Training Fund.

Also approved was to transfer $14,750 from one account to another in District No. 1, to transfer $4,400 from the Assessor’s Office maintenance and operations account to its mapping account and to transfer $3,400 from one Monkey Island Fire Department to another account.

The commissioners approved transferring $255. 26 from the Emergency Management payroll account and $18.23 from Emergency Management travel account to its maintenance and operations account.

A Letter of Engagement with Turner and Associates was approved for the company to provide financial statements for the Delaware County, estimated cost $1,500; Delaware County Justice Authority, for an estimated cost of $2,500; Delaware County Economic Development Authority, for an estimated cost of $2,500; Delaware County Educational Facilities, for an estimated cost of $2,500 and budget and publication sheets, for an estimated cost of $5,000.

Also approved was for the commissioners to file a Surety Bond and the current list of members for the Kansas Fire Department, the Hickory Grove Rural Fire Department and Jay Fire Department.

The officers for the Kansas Fire Department are: Jason Martin, chief; Jimmy Lemmons, assistant chief; Donny Jorgenson and Elmer Panther, captains; Misty Martin; Lynnford Beachy, chaplain; Jason Martin and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning and purchasing officers; Misty Martin and Genia Yeager, receiving officers; Jason Martin and Genia Yeager, inventory officers.

The officers for the Hickory Grove Rural Fire Department are: Frankie Shepherd, president; Thomas Ponko, vice-president; Kim Garcia, secretary/treasurer; Angie Shepherd, bookkeeper; Donald Poteet and Allen Yates, members; Mary Kriesch-alternate; Dakota Cox, interim fire chief; T. Sala, assistant chief; Dakota Cox, Angie Shepherd and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning/purchasing officers; George Yates, receiving officer; Allen Yates, receiving officer; T. Sala, inventory officer; Dakota Cox, inventory officer.

The officers for the Jay Fire Department are: Becki Farley, mayor; Kyle Stump. Vice-mayor/councilman; Brian Buchanon, Danny Price and Joann Neal, councilmen; Camrine Thompson, city clerk; Kay Pickup, city treasurer; Brandon Alexander, fire chief; Chris Lancaster, assistant chief; Brandon Alexander and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning/purchasing officers; Roy Tanner and Steen Aiken, receiving officers; Rocky Herbaugh and John Blevins Jr., inventory officers.

The commissioners also approved:

· The Delaware County Justice Authority audit completed by Ober & Littlefield for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2018.

· Advertised for seal bids to sell a 2000 Jeep 4x4.

· A Scott Marsh service agreement for $5,500 for Assessor’s Office.

· Advertise for sealed bids on a Motor Grader for Dist. 1.

· To salvage a chair; filing cabinet; typewriter; adding machine; fan; camera; air conditioner; air compressor, laser jet printer, sheet input tray and three printers.

· A $399,207 reimbursement claim form for loss of revenue due to exemption of new or expanded manufacturing facilities in 2017.

In the April 1 meeting, Human Resources Director Vicki Cossairt updated the commissioners on the county’s handbook and drug screening policy.

The commissioners agreed on a three-month period to allow employees to complete their I-9 form and the courthouse hours would remain from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Employees would have 30 days to review the handbook.

Karen Alexander, Delaware County librarian, informed the commissioners the Jay Library was recognized after a recent promotion where they issued 229 new library cards.

In other business, the Tia Juana Fire Department’s current list of members was approved: They are: Mike Hopper, president; Steve Taylor, secretary; Ken Clark, treasurer; Harold Olsen and Ted Terwort, members; Jim Smart, Fire Chief; David Crouse-Assistant Chief; Smart and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning; Frances Smart and Jennifer O’Brien, receiving and Sharon Olsen, inventory.

Also approved with surplussing an Emergency Management 2000 Jeep 4X4.

In financial business, the commissioners approved paying an Office of Juvenile Affairs invoice of $991.70, and a $1,500 invoice by Kellpro.

Other items approved were to forward to the county’s insurance carrier a tort claim submitted by John William Crouch and an audit engagement letter for Ober and Littlefield to complete the audit for the Delaware County Justice Authority.