The Iranian church is the fastest growing church in the world the past few years, growing in double-digit figures.

Five years ago I warned the Faith Church of Grove, be in prayer for the church in Iran because the regime would not stand for such Christian growth.

During this past year, the Iranian government has stepped up its persecution of the church, sending many secret house church believers to notorious prisons where torture is a daily event.

The charge against Christians is “national security threat” and the government created the Revolutionary courts for just such a purpose.

These one-sided courts are well-oiled machines that deal with anything the Ayatollah doesn’t approve of.

The judges at the Revolutionary courts have the Revolutionary Guards (secret police) at their disposal. The charges against Christians can be anything the judge decides upon.

The penal code lacks solid direction and is flexible against anyone who opposes the regime. If a Christian recants, they face prison. If the believer refuses to recant, they may face execution.

Judge Mashallah Ahmadzadeh is one of Iran’s top human rights abusers. He is a trained Islamic clergyman, hand-picked by the Judicial Chief. His main purpose is to crush the church in Iran and this has earned him notoriety and promotion.

No one knows how many believers have suffered at the hands of Judge Mashallah Ahmadzadeh, but we know dozens are still waiting their day in his court.

International Christian Concern (ICC) has submitted documents to the US government recording the suffering of Christians in Iran. The hope is the US government will put more pressure on Iran regarding human rights issues.

Disillusionment is high among the Iranian people, and many would love to see the end of the Islamic regime.

As persecution against Christians and other minority groups increases in Iran, the public unrest will arise. Your prayers can also help the plight of the church in Iran. Pray your Iranian brothers and sisters will have a safe Easter season!

Kim Wenzel is a local Open Doors USA ministry representative who speaks in churches and groups about praying for the persecuted church. For more information, persons interested may contact Wenzel at or 918-919-1490. He pastors Faith Church of Grove on East Highway 10.