The Kansas Comets and the Keys Cougars squared off in Kansas on April 4 in the Dee Neel Stadium.

Comets' pitcher, Chance Kolysko #2, controlled the game from the beginning though the last inning, bringing in a 9 to 1 win over the Cougars.

Both teams got off to a slow start in the first inning.

Kolysko pitched three up and three down in the first inning with two strike outs and an easily caught infield pop fly.

As the Comets came to bat, Daris Glass #5 led off with a bunt that earned him a single, followed by Kolysko hitting a single, but then Jerimiah Harmon #6 smacked a high fly that was caught.

Kobe Teague #27 matched Harmon's high fly with his own, which was caught, but Glass was able to move around to third base and Kolysko stole second.

When Easton Wiggins #12 was walked, Kansas loaded the bases, but then Rowdy Blackbird's #28 pop fly was caught, stranding three runners, ending the first inning 0 to 0.

As Keys came back to bat, Kolysko showed no mercy and struck out the next three Keys batters.

Jeremy Verrette #22 hit a single for Kansas, then Caleb Reding #3 executed a sacrifice bunt, moving Verrette to second base.

Deaven Noe #9 had his pop fly caught, causing Coach Austin Graham call to his team "Alright, we have established they can catch balls, now let's hit some line drives!"

While Kolysko was at bat again, a couple of wild Cougar pitches allowed Verrette and Glass to steal a couple of bases, with Verrette last steal coming across home plate for the comets' first run.

Despite Coach Graham's exhortation, Kolysko hit a pop fly that was caught, leaving the second inning Comets 1, Cougars o.

As Keys came back to the plate, Kolysko picked up where he left off and struck out the first and third batters.

He walked the second Keys batter (his only walk of the game), but was able to throw and tag him out as the runner led off first base and did it before pitching his first pitch to the third batter.

Kansas came back to bat and Harmon nailed a deep fly that was caught, but then the Keys pitcher walked Teague and then Wiggins.

Teague was able to steal second and third, while Wiggins stole second.

Blackbird was next up and hit a single, but Cougar errors allowed Teague and Wiggins score for Kansas, then Verrette was back up to bat but struck out.

Reding got a single, followed by Noe's double on errors and another RBI as Reding was able to round the bases and score.

Glass nailed a single, bringing in Noe, then Kolysko was walked setting up two steals by Glass and a steal by Kolysko, but the third inning ended when Harmon struck out; Comets 6, Cougars 0.

The Cougars first batter hit a single, the next was struck out and then the third batter got hit and lost the race to first, but moving the first batter to second base.

The next batter hit a single and earned a RBI, which would be the first and only score for Keys, while the next batter was struck out by Kolysko.

Keys brought in a new pitcher as Kansas came back to bat.

Kansas wasn't able to score in the fourth inning as Teague was walked, but Wiggins and Glass were struck out and Tyler Seay #20 was thrown out at first, leaving Teague on second base.

Fourth inning ended with Kansas 6 and Keys 1.

The fifth inning was more of the same for the Cougars as Kolysko struck out the first batter, the second batter was out at first and Kolysko caught a direct hit by the third batter.

Though Reding lost the race to first base, Noe was walked, Glass got a single and then Kolysko hit a single and brought Noe home, as Trae Foster #45 subbed in to run for Kolysko.

Harmon hit a high fly that was caught, but allowed Glass to tag up and then run for home; Teague got a single which moved Foster to second.

Wiggins was walked, loading the bases, then Blackbird was walked which walked Foster across home plate, causing the game to called due to run rules.

Coach Austin Graham was pleased with Kolysko’s performance on the mound saying “Kolysko really pitched a great game for us.”

But then added “It took our hitters till the 3rd inning to get going, but finally enough runs to get the run rule in the 5th.”