It was a tough week for the Jay Bulldogs, beginning April 1, as they played the Grove Ridgerunners at the Ridgerunners' ballpark, then they played the Ridgerunners at the Dawg Yard in Jay, the next day.

They played the Adair Warriors in the Dawg Yard on April 5, but unfortunately, all three games were a loss for the Bulldogs.

As Coach Mike Moore commented, "Need to make plays at crucial times, we need to find some Bulldog mentality and play with it."

Obviously, the coach was not happy with the outcomes of those games.

Jay at Grove - April 1

The game on April 1 in Grove began with neither team scoring in the first inning.

Grove was able to get three runners on base, but no runner got beyond second base, due to the strong defensive play of the Bulldogs.

In the second inning, Jay was able to score first where Dalton Jory #3 hit a single and Gage Bishop #17 became the pinch runner, Kobe Sixkiller did a sacrifice bunt to move Bishop to second.

Then Cole Oswalt #15 clobbered the ball for a double, allowing Bishop to score.

When Grove came up to bat, they reciprocated by scoring three runs and then never looked back.

The third inning, neither team scored, but in the fourth inning when the Bulldogs didn't score, the Ridgerunners tacked on four more runs, leaving the score; Jay 1, Grove 7.

As the fifth inning began, Brody Winfield #7 hit a deep fly ball, but a Ridgerunner got under it for the catch. Jeff Gibe #2 tried to make somethings happen, but got caught on a second base steal.

Grove took over the bats and added one more run, ending the fifth inning; Jay 1, Grove 8.

The sixth inning saw no runs for either team and then as the Bulldogs led off the seventh inning, the first two batters struck out and the Tristan Dill #6 fly ball was caught, ending the game; Jay 1, Grove 8.

Grove at Jay - April 2

The Bulldogs’ increased spirit was in evidence the next day in Jay as Grove led off the game.

It was three up, and three down for the Ridgerunners.

As Jay took over the bats, Kazdion Mount #6 led off with a single and Gibe struck out.

Kobe Sixkiller #26 hit a single, but then was thrown out at second on Oswalt's single, whose single allowed Mount to score the first run for the game.

Things were looking up.

But then the Ridgerunners decided to get serious and began hitting and getting on base.

The first batter was walked, but was then thrown out at second base; the next two batters secured singles with the following batter walked when hit by the ball.

The next batter hit another single, bringing on the first Grove run to tie the score, but then #8 hit a triple, resulting in three runs batted in.

And the Ridgerunners weren't finished, yet, as they added three additional runs, before going to the field.

Jay took over the bats and Weston Welch #21 was walked, then Kaden Kingfisher #9 was walked and both were able to steal a base as Winfield was up to bat.

Then Winfield, Dill and Mount were all struck out, leaving two runners on base and the second inning ended; Jay 1, Grove 7.

In the third inning, the first Ridgerunner hit a single, then stole his way around to third base, though the next two batters were out, the one single hit brought in another run, before the third out.

The Bulldogs struggled at bat as Gibe struck out, Budder's deep hit was caught and Oswalt lost a race to first base.

At the top of the fourth inning, Jay's Kash Coble #1 took over pitching duties, pitching against his brother who was the Ridgerunner pitcher.

He walked the first Grove batter, who then stole his way around to third base, poised to score, which happened when the third batter hit a double, driving home another run for Grove.

When the Bulldogs got the bats back, Sixkiller hit a single, but then lost the race to second on Welch's single; but Ryan Weiss #22 was able to get a good bunt to move Welch forward.

Then Winfield's pop fly was caught and Dill struck out, ending the fourth inning; Jay 1, Grove 9.

The top of the fifth inning the Ridgerunners, despite the first batter strike out, loaded the bases and then added six more runs to their total.

Bulldogs came back to bat, but Mount struck out, Gibe was walked when he was hit by a pitch and then Budder and Oswalt were both struck out.

The game ended on run rules: Jay 1, Grove 15.

Coach Moore gave Grove credit where credit was due: "Grove is a good ball club, very deserving."

Adair at Jay - April 5

The Jay Bulldogs hosted the Adair Warriors on April 5 and the teams battled it out with neither giving quarter to the other.

The Bulldogs JV team were playing at Pryor, so the Bulldogs had just enough players to field a team against the Warriors.

The first three innings were almost entirely “three-up, three-down” for both teams, with any hits being caught by the opposing team.

Jay was playing some great defense on the field and Sixkiller was on his pitching game.

The top of the fourth inning, Adair went scoreless again, but Bulldogs were able turn Oswalt's single hit into a run as Welch hit a double, though Oswalt ended up tagged out at second.

The fourth inning ended with Jay 1, Adair 0.

In the fifth inning, Adair got busy and was able to score a run of their own, but left two runners on base.

Jay wasn't able to add any runs in the fifth, ending the inning, Jay 1 and Adair 1, a tied game.

As the sixth inning began, Kash Coble took over the mound for the Bulldogs and promptly got the first three Adair batters out.

Then Bulldog Budder came up to bat and his long fly ball was caught; Oswalt hit a single and was walked to second when Sixkiller was hit with a pitch and got the resultant walk.

However, Welch struck out and Winfield's long fly ball was caught, leaving two Bulldogs on base and no additional runs for Jay; sixth inning ended tied up 1 to 1.

When the seventh inning began, the fans wanted the Bulldogs to hold the Warriors and then add a run for the win, they could taste it.

But it was not to be.

The first Warrior hit a single, but was forced out at second when the next Warrior bunted a single. The next two batters hit singles resulted in loaded bases.

Fans breathed easier as the next batter was struck out, but then the following batter nailed a deep double, bringing in three runs.

As Jay came back to bat, hope soared, but first Coble was struck out, then Bishop and Steen Lane #23 each hit long and deep fly balls which were caught, bringing an end to the game.

Final score: Jay 1, Adair 4.

Jay played a good, solid game all the way through and then the seventh inning broke loose and as Coach Moore said previously, "We need to make plays at crucial times."

It was a tough week, hopefully, next week will be better for the Bulldogs.