Members of the Grove High School guys and girls tennis teams placed first and second respectively during the Thursday, March 14 tournament at Pryor High School.

Kenny Wright IV placed first in one singles by beating players from Collinsville, Wagoner and Tahlequah.

Mason Allen and Silas Rosiere placed first in doubles by beating duos from Wagoner, Tahlequah and Pryor.

Collin Rowton and Lincoln Wright placed first by beating teams from Skiatook, Collinsville and Pryor.

Coach Todd Kerr said the girls narrowly missed first, coming in second by one point.

The girls lost two close tie-breakers, which put them in the second place category.

Lauren Chaney and Abby Kreutz placed first in two doubles by beating teams from Skiatook, Miami and Pryor.

Takoma Tanner placed second by beating teams from Skiatook and Tahlequah, before dropping to Pryor.

Bailey Pittman placed second in two singles beating players from Miami and Skiatook before losing to the player from Pryor.

Liza Downing and Erica Elder placed fourth in one doubles, beating Skiatook's team, before losing to Collinsville and Pryor.