The Grove City Council will vote this week whether to participate in the Oklahoma Droneport Project.

The meeting is at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 19, at the Grove Community Center, Room 5.

Grove Regional Airport has been identified as one of several Oklahoma airports to be selected as a potential host community for this project.

A droneport provides a “fixed or mobile location for housing, maintenance, fueling and piloting of commercial fleets of drones and the safe flying of drones in the national airspace” according to information released to council members prior to the meeting by City Manager Bill Keefer.

Keefer’s report said commercial drones may be used for aerial photography, gas/oil pipeline observation, utility inspections, public safety and farm/ranch applications.

“This increase in drone activity has also opened the door for opportunities to provide these services as well as for the maintenance,” Keefer wrote. “This project is also looked at as an entrepreneurial opportunity to grow new businesses and create jobs in our community.”

Robert Heard, with Cimarron Capital, is tentatively expected to be in attendance during Tuesday’s meeting. Keefer said Heard has been working with Oklahoma Department of Commerce to put together the components of the project.

If the city approves to proceed with a letter of intent to the ODOC, the project could start as early as July 1, according to Keefer's report.

The U. S. Economic Development Administration would provide 50 percent of the funding with an additional 25 percent raised through private sources. The host community will be required to provide the last 25 percent for the project costs equal to a value of up to $150,000, city documents show.

In other business, the council will vote to amend a city ordinance which establishes a criterion for golf cart routes with the city limits.

In the current ordinance addresses routes at Cherokee Golf Course, Quail Run and Lookout area, Patricia Island Estates and, Buffalo North and Buffalo South areas. Later, Orchard Grove Estates and MoHawk/Baywolf Sunrise Area was added to the golf cart routes map.

At the February 19 city council meeting, the council authorized adding Rolling Oaks subdivision to the Golf Cart Routes Map.

Another ordinance voted to be amended is off-street parking.

The current zoning ordinances require downtown users that occupy more than 4,000 square feet to provide off-street parking or payment in lieu of providing parking.

The Planning and Zoning Commission took action at their March 12 meeting to recommend the city council remove the parking requirements in the downtown area.

The council will also vote whether to rezone a vacant lot on Hazel Street to a commercial zoned area. The new ordinance takes the property at 620 S. Hazel Street from a single-family residential district to a highway commercial and commercial recreation district. Prior to voting, the council will listen to public comments regarding the property.

In other property business, the city council will take public comments regarding an application submitted by ACB Dream, LLC requesting a Special Use Permit to allow the property owner to submit an application to use the property located at 1437 Lakeside Drive as a Vacation Rental Home.

In bid proposals, the city is expected to accept a bid from Grand Lake Bank to finance a 2019 Street Sweeper. The term of the loan is for 48 months at 3.23 percent interest, city documents show.

The council is expected to reject the bids for 911 Call Handling System for the Grove Police Department. According to city documents the bidding process was done in error.

Also, the city is expected to reject a $41,798 bid from Jeff Lungren Chevrolet for a pickup truck for the Street Department. The bid is above the department’s budgeted purchase amount of $34,500, city documents show. 

Also under consideration:

An agreement with the Southern Drag Boat Association for their 2019 race event to be held on July 12-14 at Wolf Creek Park. A memorandum of Agreement with the Cherokee Nation to partnership and host the annual Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Waste Day. A resolution amending the 2018-19 City Capital Fund. Denial of claim from Mary Lou Ortiz, Trustee of the Robert Henkle Trust upon a recommendation from the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group.