It was a cold and windy afternoon when the Oaks Warriors and the Colcord Hornets met for their first baseball match up at Colcord.

The Warriors took the bats first with their first batter striking out, but then T.J. Cummings #23 made it all the way around the diamond for the first score of the day.

The next two batters, Jordan Dry #21 popped out and then Tree Sanders #12 struck out.

The Hornets came up to bat where Trevor Girdner #22 got a single, stole second base and made it to third on Jerred Ford’s #14 single.

Then Ford was able to steal his way to third to set up scoring the second run for Colcord.

Derek Mayberry #21 got a single and stole second base, but was left in the cold as Dustin Foreman #10 struck out, Jaden Chandler #3 popped out and Abran Still #23 struck out.

The score was Colcord 2, Oaks 1 at the bottom of the first inning.

At the top of the second inning Oaks had three up and three down, allowing Colcord to come back to the plate.

Tyler Duncan #20 struck out, Colten Dale #3 hit a single, Ethan Nguyen #4 got a base hit, moving Dale to second and then Parker popped out.

Ford hit a single and now the bases were loaded with two outs.

Mayberry was struck out by Oaks’ Cummings, leaving the bases loaded, to close the second inning; score Colcord 2, Oaks 1.

Niether team was able to score in the third inning, leaving the score Colcord 2, Oaks 1.

Dry led off for the Warriors in the fourth inning and hit a double, then stole third base.

Tree Sanders #12 hit a sacrifice grounder allowing Dry to score a run for Oaks, making the score briefly, Colcord 2, Oaks 2.

As Colcord came back to the plate, Dale came to bat for the Hornets and got a single, then stole second base as Nguyen struck out.

Girdner came to bat next with a single, allowing Dale to get to third, then Girdner got to second on a steal.

Davis’ triple brought Girdner and Dale across the home plate for two more runs.

Mayberry popped out and Foreman struck out leaving the fourth inning with Colcord leading 4 to 2.

As the Warriors came back to bat, Shaun Reed #24 was able to get a single, but didn’t get any farther as Cody Veneble #14 popped out, Ryan McCullum #4 and Tiajer Russell #1 both struck out.

The Hornet’s Chandler got a single and was able to steal second, but Still’s fly ball was caught, Duncan popped out and Nguyen struck out.

End of the fifth found Colcord still at 4 and Oaks 2.

Oaks came back up to bat and Cummings got a double, then Dry’s sacrifice hit moved Cummings to third and Sanders’ sacrifice hit brought Cummings across home plate, but Jackson Ross #9 struck out.

As Colcord came up to bat, Nguyen grounded out, Girdner struck out, Ford got a third base hit, but then Mayberry struck out.

The game was called after six innings because of darkness and no lights.

Final score was Colcord 4, Oaks 3.

Colcord is set to play Watts on Thursday, March 14, in Colcord. They take on Oaks again at 4 p.m., Friday, March 15, at Oaks. Oaks was slated to play Webbers Falls on Tuesday, March 12. No decision about the game had been made as of press time.