There's a new dog in Jay...actually a new dog groomer in Jay.

Welcome Graham Paws Dog Grooming located at 1526 South Main in Jay.

Tammy Graham is offering this new service and according to many who commented "I don't have to go all the way to Grove to get my dog groomed anymore."

Graham groomed her own dogs for years, in addition to helping her mom, Nicky Jackson, with her 10-year dog grooming business.

Graham wanted to move from just doing her own pets to getting certified as a dog groomer, which she completed in Dec. 2018.

She loves her location on Main Street in Jay.

"I used to groom in my house and then in the feed store," Graham said. "This location is so much better and more accessible.

"Jay is so close to Eucha, where we live and where my husband Don, manages our cattle operation."

Tammy and Don are parents of six kids and have four grandkids.

The whole family helped in preparing the shop for opening as they painted, built fixtures needed for dog grooming and hung cute placards on the walls.

"This was a family project, one that wouldn't have been ready without them," Graham said.

Graham Paws Dog Grooming officially opened on Feb. 18 and the schedule is filled up for a week out and growing.

It is by appointment only and all people have to do is call 1-918-706-8874 to get on the calendar.

Different people groom their dogs at different intervals, determined by dog size, personal budget or how full their own schedules can be, but Graham recommends grooming your dog every 4-6 weeks.

There is a 10 percent senior discount (dog owner's age) and they now accept credit cards.

Pricing is geared to allow more Jay residents afford to have their dogs groomed.

Graham Paws Dog Grooming invites residents to give them a try, guaranteed your pet will get the best attention and spoiling possible.

As one of their signs announce “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”