The Kansas Boys Basketball made some solid inroads for post season play, winning at home against the Salina Wildcats on Friday, Feb. 15, which moved them on to the Winner’s bracket.

They played the Heavener Wolves on their home court, Thursday, Feb. 21.

The Comets took the lead in the first period and never looked back as they controlled the outcome of the game.

Multiple players made 3-point shots: Blaine Pickup #20 dropped two in the first period and Keelan Davis #10 added his own 3-pointer.

Rowdy Blackbird #14 shot his 3-pointer in the second period, helping to close the first half with Comets 32, Wolves 16.

Kansas tallied up 26 points in the third period, their strongest, with Davis sinking two more 3-pointers and Blackbird adding another of his own.

In the fourth period, Kobe Green #0, came off the bench and contributed his 3-pointer.

Seth Evans #32 was the second highest score with 11 points, with Tucker Phillips #22 right behind with nine points.

The Comets closed the game with 68 points against the Wolves 37 points, earning their way to the next bracket to play Roland at Roland on Saturday, February 23.

The Roland Rangers weren’t going to have any of what the Comets served the Heavener Wolves and established their lead in the first period.

Davis played solid and dropped in a 3-point basket in the first period, Pickup earned two 3-pointers, one each in the third and fourth periods.

Kaiden Osbourn #24, though not getting any three’s in the game against Heavener, dropped a three in the second, third and fourth period against Roland.

But it would prove not to be enough, as the Rangers stayed in double digits for each period and poured on the coals in the fourth, sealing the game with 62 points to the Comets’ 42 points.

Davis was again the high scorer for Kansas with 12 points with Kaiden Osbourn earning 9 points.

The game with Roland did earn them a slot in the Area playoffs against the Marietta Indians, played at Okemah on Thursday, February 28.

Okemah is where the post season would end for the Comets as the Marietta Indians defeated Kansas 63 to 44.

Marietta was defeated by Hugo in their next game, who also ended Roland’s run in the post season, opening the door for Hugo to advance to the State playoffs.

Coach Cory Steele has been adamant all season about the resilience and focus of his team.

Steele commented on previous games “we showed some resilience” and “proud of the way they competed.”

An earlier comment in another game applies here for the game against Heavener “We got out in transition early and ran the floor well which allowed us to play a lot of guys.”