A chance comment on Instagram has helped one Grove couple earn some notice by a national television star.

It also helped the couple, Brad and Kelly Claggett, earn a SNOO Smart Sleeper from Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" and owners of the Magnolia Market & Silos Baking Co. and Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas.

It all began last month, when Chip Gaines posted a photo on Instagram of the couple's youngest child in his SNOO bassinet with the caption “Uh oh..what happens when they out grow the #snoo?? @happiest_baby”

Claggett, who was home recovering from the flu, typed back in the comment section “@chipgaines sell it to me!! After 12 years my husband and I are FINALLY expecting!!”

Two days later, Claggett found Gaines replying back to her post, asking his assistant to get with her about the details concerning a SNOO.

At first, Claggett didn't know what to think. She never expected Gaines to reply. 

"I showed my husband and thought 'no way this cannot be real,'" she said. "Something like this doesn't happen to ordinary people like us."

But it was true. In the last week a brand new SNOO (not the one owned by the Gaines) arrived on Claggett's doorstep thanks to Fed Ex.

"It's just the coolest thing," Claggett describing the SNOO. "It's super comforting."

The bassinet, created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, hears the baby's cries and "automatically responds with five levels of gradually stronger white noise and motion to quickly soothe fussing."

Claggett likens it to the motion which happens when a parent might take a fussing child for a drive. 

At a cost of $1,300, Claggett said the SNOO would have been out of the couple's price range.

Claggett said SNOO company officials from contacted her to answer any questions she might have about their product. 

Claggett, who owns Lil Punkins Daycare in Grove said she's excited to try the soothing aspects of the bassinet. 

"I've done daycare for years," Claggett said. "It will be so nice to have an extra hand to sooth the baby. A little assistance soothing them never hurts."

Starting her family

The couple, who have been together a bit more than 14 years, have wanted to start their own family for years.

"I've always known we wanted a family," Claggett said. "We didn't try when we were younger, but we didn't do anything to prevent it. 

"When we got older, we had the farm and our businesses. But I always knew I wanted to be a mom."

A while back Claggett when to a natural doctor and learned her hormones were out of balance. 

She did consider going on fertility drugs, but the couple decided together to put their trust in God. 

"I thought if God wanted us to be parents he would allow us to have our own, or to adopt/foster," Claggett said. "I thought there might be a kid who needs us more than if we got pregnant.

"Brad said 'let's just continue to trust God.'"

Shortly before Christmas, the couple's wish to become parents came true.

Claggett jokes she took 10 pregnancy tests just to make sure the positive results were correct.

The couple are expecting their child - gender still unknown - in August. 

"We're leaning towards a girl, but the baby has been being modest," Claggett said with a laugh. 

Regardless of gender, the couple plan to decorate their nursery with an outdoor, rustic theme to go with being farmers and outdoorsy people.

The Claggetts have picked the names August for a boy and Autumn for a girl.

Claggett said her students at Lil Punkins keep asking her "when is the baby coming."

"I keep telling them to be patient," Claggett said. "It's hard to explain time to them.

"They sit on my lap and say they are feeling the baby moving. It's fun to see how excited they are for me. I wouldn't change a thing."

Receiving national attention

After commenting on Gaines post, Claggett has received several nods from national publications including the Today Show website, Country Living Magazine, Parents.com, among others.

"It's doesn't feel like my name should be attached to any of it," Claggett said. "We're the most basic of people. We own a daycare, food truck [The Local] and a farm. This doesn't feel like it's happening to me."

Ultimately though, Claggett wants people to know faith is what got the couple through the last few years, while they waited to become parents.

"Trust and believe in God," she said. "Stay firm in your faith, and positive things can happen to you."