A high-speed chase which lasted more than 20 minutes and covered a winding route through Miami, Commerce and North Miami, met with a safe and successful end Thursday, Feb. 21.

Kevin Lee McMillan was arrested at the end of the chase, which was in the 1300 block of E Street Northeast.

McMillan was transported to the INTEGRIS Miami Hospital emergency room for injuries he suffered in wreck at the end of the chase, then taken to the Ottawa County Jail for processing.

Miami Police were called by Tractor Supply manager Stacy Kimerer after McMillan allegedly left the store past all points of sale with 29 items valued at almost $700 in a shopping cart.

Kimerer told police she tried to stop McMillan, but he allegedly continued to his vehicle and placed the items in his car.

According to the report, while leaving, McMillan almost hit a police car driven by Miami PD officer Sara Berry.

Berry began pursuit and was joined by other officers from Miami as well as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Miami Nation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and Commerce Police Department.

According to the report, filed by Officer Ronnie Cravens, the suspect’s vehicle continued at a high rate of speed through the northeast and southeast parts of town as well as Steve Owens Blvd. and the northwest.

The chase continued northbound towards Commerce, then eastbound out of Commerce to Hwy 69A, where it turned to the south.

McMillan turned onto East 90 Road back into the city limits of Miami, going into the Rockdale area in a field near Johnson Drive. He then allegedly went eastbound from the field, exiting from the old Miami Golf & Country Club and continued westbound into the northeast, Steve Owens Boulevard, southeast and northwest before finally being apprehended.

The report said the merchandise was recovered from inside the vehicle, a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which was reported as stolen from Missouri.

McMillan allegedly had several outstanding warrants, according to Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

The report said Kimerer was able to give a description of the subject to police as she followed him to his vehicle.

Among the items listed on the report as being taken were welding gloves, flashlights, knives, machetes, propane torches and tools.

A video of the chase is on the Miami Police Dept. Facebook page.