Oaks high school recognized and celebrated their seniors preceding their game against Porum on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The Oaks Lady Warriors and Porum Lady Panthers then led off the evening with a hard-scrabble game.

The first two periods stayed close, with the Lady Warriors trailing by only two points at half time.

However, the Lady Panthers broke it open in the 3rd and fourth periods closing out the game with the Lady Warriors 34 and the Lady Panthers 58.

Lady Panther Mallory Barrett #21 seemed unstoppable in the last two periods, racking up a total of 18 points in the game.

The Lady Warriors' Tigris Quinn #20 and Harlie McKie #30 each scored eight points in the game, followed by Brittany Hogshooter #3 and Ashley Cummings #32 garnered seven points each.

When the boys took the hardwood, the excitement was palpable on both sides of the gym.

The Warriors took control early and put up four points before the Panthers could get on the board.

Porum would fight to get within five points at the end of the first period, but there was no looking back for Oaks as they continued adding to their lead.

The final score ended with the Warriors victorious, Oaks 58 and Porum 27.

The last match-up between the Warriors and the Panthers had ended as a loss for Oaks, as Porum poured on 3-pointers from way downtown in the fourth period.

However, the Warriors didn't allow that to happen this time as they turned the tables on the Panthers.

Coach Tony Arnold said TJ Cummings (#35) led the team's scoring using his strength in the paint.

Aaron Budder (#15) had a strong game defensively and offensively, and Isaac Foreman put the game away in the 3rd quarter with a 3 point bucket on 3 consecutive possessions."

From the bench, Shaun Reed #24 added 11 points during the night; Tree Sanders #21 and Trevor Ballow #34 each added a 3-pointer in the fourth period.

"I was really pleased with our team defense and rebounding effort against Porum considering they out-worked us in those areas when we played them in December," Arnold said.

This game was a good way to end the season and enter the District 6 games this weekend as the first meetup for Oaks with Midway at McCurtain is coming.