It was going to be a good dog fight between the Jay Bulldogs and Miami Wardogs.

Jay’s Lady Bulldogs took the floor with a purpose and that was to be dominant all game…and they were.

The Lady Bulldogs led all four periods to the final score Jay 47, Miami 41.

Lexie Farley #10 led the team with 10 points, followed by Landrey Sweeney #0 and Layken Kirby #23 both earning eight points.

Skylar Brantley #30 put up seven points, Kierra Wiley #33 added six points, Sydney Taylor #12 came off the bench and put up a 3-pointer, plus three free throws and Kaitlynn King #23 dropped in two points.

Coach Terry Sweeney was proud of the girls performance.

"They came like we had something to prove and really played at a high level," Sweeney said. 

When the guys took the floor, the Bulldogs led by one point for the first period, then the Wardogs gained the point back in the second period to tie up the game at half time.

The third period found the Bulldogs a little back on their heels, as Miami put together a five point lead and didn't look back after that.

Jay fell back four more points in the fourth period as the game ended Bulldogs 47 and Wardogs 56.

Kobe Sixkiller #24 led the team with 13 points as he played his strong game under the net, both shooting and rebounding.

Brody Winfield #5 put up nine points, including two 3-pointers; Loran Kirk #1 added his 8 points, including his two 3-pointers.

The Wardogs were only able to put up one 3-pointer in the game compared to the Bulldogs’ four 3-pointers.

Zeke Simpson #2 shot for seven points and #3 Tyler Madison’s 5 points rounded out the high scorers for Jay.

The Bulldogs made 11 of 16 free throw tries for the Bulldogs, however the Wardogs managed only 11 of 19 tries.

Coach Miguel Ortiz observed "Thought we played well the 1st half and in the second half we kind of lost our cool and didn't play as well."

Friday, February 8, they meet Locust Grove on their floor and Ortiz added "Got to have short term memory and get back to work for Friday."