A preventative scan, designed to help individuals find heart issues - before becoming symptomatic, is now being offered at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital.

The scan, known as a Heart Scan, provides a multi-view picture of a patient's heart.

While the cost, $50, is not covered by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid, it becomes a screening tool used by patients and physicians alike to determine if someone is on the path for heart issues.

John Winnie, director of radiology services at INTEGRIS, has worked with providers - including Dr. James Chapman, cardiologist, to provide the scans at a minimal cost for patients.

A person can obtain the scan at INTEGRIS Grove by simply making an appointment with radiology officials. No doctor's orders are needed.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, as part of this year's Souper Bowl Saturday, Winnie and others will provide the scans to those interested for $50 each on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Winnie said often this scan can pick up on early coronary disease before a person begins exhibiting symptoms of chest pains.

The scan looks for issues of hard plaque build up in the four main arteries of the heart. Patients who are scored more than 100 are encouraged to follow up with their primary doctor or a cardiologist for further testing.

Because the scan also shows the patient's chest cavity, it can also indicate if a mass is present on the patients lungs. 

Winnie recommends people with a family history of heart issues, but no symptoms of their own, consider having the scan.

Since February 2017, when INTEGRIS officials began offering the scan, Winnie said his staff has conducted approximately 700 scans. 

Of those scans, at least 40 percent indicated some sort of plaque buildup was present.

At least 30 percent of those patients scored more than 200 points on the test and needed immediate intervention.

How it works

The five minute test is simple. Patients check into radiology and are taken back to the lab. Women are required to remove their bras if wires are present. 

Patients are asked to lay flat, and undergo a CT Scan. Once the scan is complete, a radiology tech scores the test. Results are sent to the patient and either their primary care physician or Chapman for potential follow up.

Winnie said anyone can have the scan. He recommends men 45 and older and women 50 and older have the scan, if they have not begun exhibiting heart-related symptoms.

However, Winnie said younger patients have benefited from having the scan, which can serve as a baseline for future tests.

The scan is part of INTEGRIS Grove's efforts to help address issues of heart disease, diabetes and obesity within Grove and Delaware County.

Kristi Wallace, spokeswoman for INTEGRIS Grove, said officials are working to keep the cost of the test down, so people can have a chance to be diagnosed before heart issues become a problem.

Chapman agreed.

He sees the scan as a tool people can use if they have risk factors including age, family history, high cholesterol and diabetes.

"It detects the very early stages of coronary disease," Chapman said, adding someone with a reasonable chance for heart issues might consider having the test completed.

"We've had a couple of asymptomatic people have scans and they came back with very high scores of more than 3,000," Chapman said, adding there's a reason heart issues are often silent and appear without warning. 

"We often use the scan to help convince a patient to understand they need to get healthy," Chapman said. "If your 35 and your dad died at 40, and you're a diabetic or smoker, then it's reasonable for you to get the scan sooner than later."

Souper Bowl Saturday

The Fifth Annual Souper Bowl Saturday will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 2, at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital.

The event will include a large assortment of homemade soups for $5 - for a bowl of soup or four sample size portions, a drink and dessert. Food will be served (while it lasts) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

It will also include performances by the Grove High School Jazz Band, and free medical screenings including blood pressure, bone density, height weight and BMI, vision and cholesterol/glucose.

Cholesterol/glucose tests will be offered to the first 200 guests. Heart Scan screenings will be available on a first come/first served basis at a cost of $50.

For more information, persons interested may call 918-786-2243 or visit www.integrisgrove.com.