DelCo attorney Winston H. Connor II is accused of threatening a witness in a case involving one of his clients, and working with convicted drug dealer Slint Tate according to information filed Thursday, Jan. 17, in Delaware County District Court.

The information is part of two search warrant applications and returns, signed by Delaware County District Judge Barry Denney on Saturday, Jan. 12. The information sheds light on the 10 felony counts leading to Connor’s arrest.

Connor was arrested on Saturday, Jan. 12, as he returned to the U.S. from a Caribbean vacation. He has since been released from the North Carolina jail.

He is expected to be in court on 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 23, in room 344 of the Tulsa County District Court.

At the time of Connor's arrest, law enforcement officials conducted simultaneous searches of his home and law office.

The affidavit for search and seizure warrant filed by Thomas Helm, a member of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office, outlines how Connor allegedly threatened a witness during a divorce case in Ottawa Count, and how he was involved with the multi-million dollar drug ring run by Slint Tate.

Witness tampering

David Anderson, a Miami attorney, testified before the grand jury that, during 2017, Connor contacted him to instruct Anderson's client [C.M.*] to drop criminal charges against his client.

Connor threatened, according to Anderson's testimony, to "take out" a person close to C.M.

Anderson also testified, according the affidavit, that "Connor made a direct threat that he was going to ruin" the same person's business unless CM dropped the charges against his client.

During the case, Connor allegedly offered CM $100,000 if the criminal charges against his client went away, according to the affidavit.

Anderson also testified that Connor allegedly contacted CM directly, in an attempt to get her to reconsider his offer of $100,000. Connor again threatened to destroy the business of the person close to CM.

In another instance, Connor allegedly contacted CM and threatened her family if she did not drop Anderson as her attorney.

Slint Tate

The affidavits, filed by Helm, detail how Connor allegedly interacted with Slint Tate while he was in prison.

Tate is serving a life sentence for the 1999 shooting death of Vernie Milford Roberts, a Delaware County reserve sheriff’s deputy. He was 16 at the time of the fatal shooting.

Others, including Tate and his common-law wife, Robin Tracy Zumwalt, and five others were charged in federal court for their involvement in the methamphetamine ring which at one time netted more than $1 million a week.

In 2018, Tate received an additional 20 years to his no-parole life sentence. He used cellphones smuggled into the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and ran the million dollar ring from behind bars.

According to the affidavit, agents with Homeland Security Investigation, learned Connor, while knowing Tate was in prison, arranged with Tate's father, Kenny, to have Tate call from prison using "a contraband cell phone."

The same investigation into to the drug ring, linked multiple people to Tate including Dinah Williams, Robin Tate aka Zumwalt, Dakota Brown, Sterling Williams, Jeremy Mann, Matthew Stroud, Matthew Locastro, Ashton aka Chase Manicom and Travis Nibarger.

The affidavit states Brown, a member of the Iowa Aryan gang called Family First, had come to Oklahoma with friends and began working for the Tate gang.

During the Title III investigation, Helm states in the affidavit Connor was found to be in possession of a cell phone used by Brown, who had allegedly sold methamphetamine to the son of Connor's secretary.

The son used his mother's car in lieu of money for the purchase of the drugs.

When Connor learned of the incident, he allegedly contacted Tate and others in the organization to "recover the car and to 'send a message' to Dakota Brown to not mess with his (Connor's) people."

In the call, according to the affidavit, Connor told Tate he "would appreciate it if were extreme," referring to the message involving Brown.

During the conversation, the affidavit alleges Connor offered to provide Tate and others legal expertise, in exchange for members of the Tate Gang's help.

The affidavit alleges Connor knew the phone contained evidence regarding the distribution of methamphetamine and he indicates to Tate he will destroy the phone.

The call to Tate also includes a conversation concerning Sterling Williams, who was in prison for murder and rape. Connor, the affidavit states, had a relationship with one of Williams' victims.

The affidavit states Connor and Tate spoke "cryptically about Tate orchestrating the murder of Williams in prison." It goes on to state Williams was put into protective custody by prison officials due to the threat on his life.

The affidavit states Tate made calls, in response to the conversation with Connor, between members of his gang to "find Dakota (Brown), get the car, smash him out."

Tate also directed his gang to video the assault, which was then allegedly sent to Connor, who responded with a "'thumbs up' emoji."

Tate allegedly also messaged his wife, according to the affidavit, stating Connor would help him "get out of prison, but he (Slint Tate) is going to have to kill someone."

Helm stated in the affidavit Connor was aware that Tate was talking to him on a contraband phone from prison, and that Connor used his legal expertise to facilitate and direct acts of violence.

Helm states Connor was aware Tate and his gang were involved in the distribution of a controlled substance, yet allegedly offered to provide legal services to further the criminal activities of the gang, in exchange for the gang providing "illegal services" to Connor.

Editor's Note: The Grove Sun is not identifying CM, or the other persons involved in the witness tampering threats, because they were victims in this case, not co-conspirators.