The first of a series of three gatherings, focused around the 2019 Oklahoma legislative session, will take place on Friday, Jan. 18, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Grove.

Sponsored by members of the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and PSO, the Eggs & Issues meeting will take place Friday, some time mid-session, and in June after the session.

The gatherings are designed to help residents living in Grove and the surrounding areas become more engaged with local legislators during the next few months.

As of press time Rep. Josh West (R-Grove), Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R-Big Cabin) and Sen. Wayne Shaw (R-Grove) plan to attend. Rep. Ben Loring (D-Miami) has also been invited.

Donnie Crain, president of the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, hopes people will attend the gatherings in order to learn about the issues and how local legislators stand.

He has asked each legislator to discuss the issues they will be working on, including bills sponsored by each during the session. If time allows, a question and answer period will be included.

"The issues they will be tackling at the capitol are not only important for our lives, but for area businesses," Crain said. "The best way they can represent us, and our area is by hearing from folks."

Crain said he wants the gathering to be partisan, focusing on what is best for Grove and the Grand Lake area, rather than party politics.

"In talking with elected officials, they are less concerned with the 'D or R' and more concerned about how it impacts our area," Crain said. "We want an honest, civil discussion. Our intent is to do what is best for the area and see what we can do together."

The gathering will take place at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 555 East Third Street, Grove. The cost is $5 per person.

For more information, or to RSVP, persons interested are asked to call the Chamber office at 918-786-9079. RSVP's for those who plan to attend are requested by Monday, Jan. 14.