The Miami restaurant is the only survivor of a once popular Ku-Ku Burger chain that dates back to  the 1960s.

A flyer for the store’s grand opening in 1966 in Miami advertised two milkshakes for 29 cents and eight burgers for $1.

Gene Waylan purchased the building in 1973 as the last of the remaining stores began to close and, in 1977, added the drive-through.

Built in 1965, the popular Mother Road destination has been going strong for more than five decades and has been featured on the Travel Channel and the History Channel.

The TravelOK website has this to say about Waylan’s: “Everybody goes nuts for the hamburgers at this Route 66 landmark, famous for its giant yellow fiberglass cuckoo bird emerging from the front wall and a huge, green-and-yellow neon sign. While you’re soaking up the unique atmosphere, treat yourself to a fantastic, cooked-to-order burger…Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger is one of the best burger joints, and burger experiences, anywhere on the Mother Road.

“Located just off Route 66, Waylan's is an original fast food drive-in chain from the 1960’s. The only location still standing, Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger is an authentic Route 66 hot spot, where everything on their expanded menu is cooked to order. Come for the nostalgia and stick around for the delicious burgers and frozen desserts,” TravelOK said.

At 75-years-old, Waylan says he doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon and he still enjoys meeting and talking to his customers (when he can come out from behind the grill), both local/area residents and those that are traveling along Route 66.