The question came in a simple, one page missive. 

A fifth-grader in Puyallup, Washington made a request to the readers of (The Grove Sun and Delaware County Journal). 

She is working on a project outlining different things about the State of Oklahoma. Would the newspaper's readers help by sending pictures, postcards or other items to help her showcase the state.

For 11-year-old Jayda Guadron, a student at Cascade Christian School, the project includes more than a written report.

One of the requirements is to build a "desk size" float representing her state.

It's all for the Social Studies class organized by her teacher Eleanor Nichols, who organized the project as a way to show her students how each state, while individual, are connected as a whole to create the United States.

"It's our desire at Cascade Christian that all of our students would leave with a greater awareness of not just their own personal world, but the world beyond their neighborhood," Nichols said adding she developed the interactive project for a variety of reasons.

"I wanted something more exciting for them to display to the school other than just a poster board," Nichols said. "It's a very fun time when we show [the floats] off at our state fair at the end of the year."

Nichols said 41 of the 50 states were assigned to her students. Oklahoma was the only state picked in the Four-State region of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

For Guadron, the project involves diving into her state's history to learn as much as she can about its capital, flower, motto and famous Oklahomans.

Some of her research to date has involved learning about Wilma Mankiller, who once served as the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. 

She wrote to 10 newspapers asking for help. As of her interview with The Grove Sun/Delaware County Journal before Christmas, she had only been contacted back by one. 

"I'm hoping to get old license plates, post cards and souvenirs - things that really represent Oklahoma and what it's like," Guadron said. 

Outside of her project on Oklahoma, Guadron said she likes to be involved in sports and study math. She also likes to cook and take part in coding classes.

Want to help? Letters and items may be sent to Guadron in care of Cascade Christian School, 601 Ninth Avenue S.E., Puyallup, Washington, 98372. Additional information may be obtained by emailing Nichols at