The Delaware County Commissioners learned Monday an audit of the Delaware County Solid Waste Trust Authority should be completed at the end of the year.

David Morris, Solid Waste Manager told the commissioners if the audit wasn’t ready by the end of the year it would be the first of January.

Total tonnage of waste for November to date was 1,262.40 tons a decrease from 1,909.94 tons from the previous months.

Morris also said a bid was let out for a Packer truck.

In financial business the commissioners approved paying a $546 Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau invoice, transferring $6,000 from Butler Fire Department capital outlay account to its maintenance and operations account, transferring $5,068.75 from the sheriff’s grant fund account to its personal services account and transferring $289.86 from District No. 3 highway cash account to District No. 2 highway cash account.

Also approved was the closing of the courthouse renovation donation fund account and transferring the balance to the county’s general fund.

The commissioners also accepted bids for six months of road materials and rock salt. Bids for the purchase of two outboard motors and props with installation for the Lakemont Shore’s Volunteer Fire Department were received with the commissioners choosing the winning bid at a later date. 

Also approved was a borrow permit with Church of Christ in Colcord.

The board also received the Hickory Grove Fire Department board of directors. They are: Frankie Shepherd, president; Tom Ponko, vice-president; Kimberly Garcia; secretary; Angie Shepherd, bookkeeper; Donald Poteet, Allen Yates, members; Mary Kriesch, alternate member; Dakota Cox, fire chief; Angie Shepherd, Barbara Barnes and Cox, requisitioning; George Yates, Allen Yates, receiving; T. Sala and Cox, inventory.