Jay basketball coach Miguel Ortiz has a code he lives by: “All out, all the time.”

That is the way he coaches and that is the way he expects his players to play.

In fact, the team has adopted that phrase as their team motto for this year.

This is Ortiz’s first year as head coach after serving two years as assistant coach.

Ortiz graduated from Oaks and attended NSU in Tahlequah for college, playing basketball as a point guard for the school. 

“I wasn’t very tall, but I was stout and muscular, plus I played with intensity” he said, emulating his own motto.

Not only was he a graduate of Oaks, he also coached basketball there for a year, until he was caught in the budget cuts.

He was proud that he had the opportunity to learn coaching under Coach Terry Sweeney and what he learned from him, he uses now.

“I’m looking forward to the season," Ortiz said, as he looks ahead. "The kids are eager to show coaches what they can do.

“We’re a young team and we might struggle early, but I believe they will come on quickly.”

The Bulldogs have a “tough season playing teams like Wagner, Kansas and Grove, but we would rather play tougher teams early.”

Last season’s record was 24 – 6.

He has only one returning senior, Daylon “Zeke” Simpson, but the “younger players are hungry and ready to work for their positions.”

A younger team is a good thing as it will give a few years of success and an opportunity to build from the lower grades.

As Ortiz points out “If you do it ‘all out’ you will have success.”

Bulldog fans have always turned ‘all out’ to cheer on the team and the team is counting on it, again this year.