It was a cool Thursday night on October 18, but the Ridgerunners came out hot and ready to take on the Tigers.

Both teams were coming into the game with losing their previous games, both wanted to see victory in this game, but only one would go home victorious.

All hail, Ridgerunners.

Grove's offense and defense were both humming as the first quarter began.

Grove put a touchdown and extra point on the board while holding Cleveland to just a field goal in the first quarter.

Cleveland was going to experience more of Grove's defense as the game progressed.

There was a concern from Coach Ron Culwell that the Tigers would come out passing, since they have "a good passing game," but they hardly passed at all in the first half.

The first quarter ended with Grove 7, Cleveland 3.

The Ridgerunners poured on the coal offensively and added twenty more points.

The Grove defense, not to be outdone, kept the Tigers from adding any points in the second quarter.

Though the Cleveland quarterback "is the best all around quarterback we've seen," according to Culwell, the Grove defense was able to deliver four sacks throughout the game.

The first half ended Grove 27, Cleveland 3.

The third quarter saw more of the Ridgerunner pressure on the Tigers.

Though Grove blitzed a number of times, Tigers' #18 was very fast on his release and was able to stymie Grove's rush most of the time.

Cleveland was able to put up a touchdown and a PAT, but Grove was still able to add two more touchdowns, with an extra point added each time.

Third quarter totals were Grove 41, Cleveland 10.

The fourth quarter saw Cleveland forced to go to their efficient passing game.

The Tigers' quarterback and his favorite receiver put together three touchdowns in the last half, but it was to be too little, too late.

Though the Ridgerunners were scoreless in the fourth quarter, if didn't matter, the damage was done...and so were the Tigers.

Final score was Grove 41, Cleveland 26.

Grove tallied up 133 passing yards and 295 rushing yards, for a total of moving the ball 428 yards, compared to the Tigers' 271 passing yards and 59 yards rushing for a total 330 yards.

Culwell said "We knew we had to win out to have a chance to go to the playoffs."

Indeed, the Ridgerunners need to win their last three games to see the playoffs.

One down, two more to go.

"We rose up at the right timeand did right things" reviewed Culwell, "right now we are in a four way tie for 1st in the district."

With Oologah next up on the schedule, the Ridgerunner will have to be ready to rise up at the right time and do the right things to continue winning and get to the playoffs.

To add to the challenge, it will be on Oologah's home turf.

The final game will be against McLain in Grove.