How to Successfully “Lag” a Putt

Start out by pacing around the green, feeling the bumps and slopes underneath your feet, to get a feel for how the green will affect the ball during it’s long journey to the cup.

Then stand behind your ball and visualize it’s path to the cup.

Imagine a pro tracer like you see on TV, following your ball and tracing it’s path to the hole.

Next decide the line you need to start the ball on before the green starts effecting it’s path.

Pick out a spot near your ball that you can line the ball up with.

Step up to the putt and look at the hole again getting a feel for distance.

Make a few practice strokes to get better feel for the power needed to make this lag putt a success.

Lastly, set your putter face down behind the golf ball and attempt your lag putt.

Cherokee Grove Monday Night League

Cherokee Grove Monday Night League..

Hit the ball at 5:15.

All are welcome.

You can stop by the Cherokee Grove Clubhouse to sign up.

Monday night skins winners were John Wooden (one skin) and Jerry Ogden Jr. (two skins).

Closest to the pin winners were John Morrow on hole #2 and John Floro on hole #8.

Cherokee Grove Saturday and Sunday Skins. 9 a.m. start time.

Cheapest SKINS GAME you will find.

Wednesday Morning League for Senior men at Cherokee Grove.

Just stop by the Cherokee Grove club house.

This will be a Senior Men’s league for 60 and over playing nine holes. $20 fee includes cart fee and entry in $5 skins game.

(Members play for $10) Tee off each Wednesday promptly at 8 a.m..

Do not miss out

Upcoming Tournaments.

Grove Baseball Booster Club Golf Tournament

November 03 1:30 p.m. at Patricia Island Country Club.

Lunch at Mulligan’s @ 12:00 Hole in One Prize TBD.

Phone (919)791-1521 Kevin Brown Grove Insurance Associates 1001 S. Main, Grove, OK 74344. Cost $400 team signup $100 individual.

2 Man Ryder Cup Tournament Saturday October 6th at Cherokee Grove Golf Club.

Sign up at the Cherokee Grove Club House. Open to the public.

Four Hole in One prizes including a new Ford Focus sponsored by Vance Ford..

Open to the Public.

Pick a partner and sigh up at the Cherokee Grove Clubhouse

Bad Luck Harry

Lady Luck was seldom kind to Harry.

Although he had a real zest for life he was constantly beset by bad luck.

He loved poker but poker did not love him; he played the stock market with great anticipation but always seemed to be the one who bought high and sold low.

His life seemed to be full of more downs than ups.

His greatest delight was his golf game.

But Harry wasn't a great golfer; in fact, he never managed to break 100; yet he kept trying.

Finally Harry became ill and passed away.

But just before he died, he asked that his remains be cremated and his ashes be scattered off the fairway on the ninth hole of his home course.

Accordingly, a gathering assembled to carry out Harry's wishes.

It was a bright sunny day and all was going well.

But just as the ashes were being strewn, a freak gust of wind came up and blew Harry out of bounds.

Bad luck to the bitter end.

Grand Lake Golf Venues

-Cherokee Grove Golf Course (Grove) @ 918-786-4100

-The Coves Golf Club (Duck Creek) @ 918-782-3220

-Grand Cherokee Golf Course (Langley) @ 918-435-8727

-Patricia Island Golf Club (Grove) @ 918-786-3338

-Peoria Ridge Golf Club (Miami) 918-542-7676

-Shangri-La Golf Club (Monkey Island) @ 918-257-4204

-Eagle Creek Golf Club (Joplin) @ 417-623-5050

-Elk River C.C. (Noel) @ 417-475-3208

-Kelly Custom Golf (Grove) @ 918-787-7640

Keep it in the Middle

Mike Kelly