The Delaware County Commissioners opened sealed bids on Monday, Sept. 10, for a pre-owned pumper truck.

The three businesses with bids received were from Jon’s Mid-America for $159,400, Command Fire Apparatus for $120,000 and Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus submitted four bids, $150,000, $145,000 and two bids for $100,000.

The commissioners also opened two bids for a 1996 Chevrolet T Ton flatbed with dump. The bids submitted were from Echo Bay Ranch for $1,055 and Stoney Kirby for $1,500.

Barbara Barnes, Delaware County Clerk said the bids would be awarded later.

Also approved was a $70,882.74 Grand Gateway grant application for a road project located north of State Highway 28 in District No. 2.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s office filed their officers list for the year. They are Robin Izydorek, Sheila Nugen and Terry Hibbard, receiving; Harlan Moore and Lou Karleskint, requisitioning and Nugen, inventory.

Also approved was an agreement with Jason Hollenbeck to obtain materials located at E390 Road and S630 Road in Jay. The materials will be used for county road maintenance and repair in District No. 2.

The next meeting is 9 a.m., Monday, Sept. 17 at the Delaware County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting room.