Murder Comes ‘a Courtin’, the murder-mystery dinner theatre with a kick, takes place Thursday and Friday, Sept. 13 and 14, at Har-Ber Village in Grove.

The event is designed as a fundraiser for the frontier attraction as it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

The donation of $40 per person includes a guided tour of Har-Ber Village and all of the “murderous activities” that happen during the event. Because of the nature of the event, participants must be 18 years old or older.

The evening will also include entertainment, dinner, “white lightnin’” and saloon girls. A cast of more than 65 community members have volunteered to make the evening happen.

The cast, made up of numerous community and civic leaders, includes:

Jack Wimer as Mayor Jackson B Wimersonian

Cheryl Franklin as Print Lady – Miss Print

Nick Bowers as Billie Belle Starr’s Son – Luke Warm

Patti Beth Anderson as Billie Belle Starr

Charles Ely as Sheriff Whatt Dillon

Justin Eskew as Balliff Arnie Picolo

Bob Brodgon as The Blind Man

Kathy Baker as Courtroom Wife Ima Shooter

Erin Lanaway as Defendant P. Shooter

Kay Lyn Beauchamp as Frontier Judge Blanche Bowinner

Wayne Short as Juror #1

Ivan Devitt as Juror #2

Jimmy Bradford as Juror #3

Robert Duffield as Juror #4

Marcie Hill as Juror #5

Michele Norwood as Juror #6

Peggy Steed as Juror #7

Bill Bonner as Black Bart Double

Kenny Wright as Prosecuting Attorney Lawson Sworn

Chuck Perry as Black Bart

Kjersti King as Saloon Girl Heidi Steps

Karin Stephens as Saloon Girl Carrie Miout

Ramie Lay as Saloon Girl Anita Mann

Mark Morris as Saloon Girl Homa Lee

Rita Case as Head of Quilters Fran Fussbudget

Ginger Green as Quilter Betty Bedcover

Lori Klickman as School Marm Puritan White

Matt Carnes as Banker C. Note

Dustin Able as Banker S. Loan

Ben Hampton as Banker O. Drawn

Kristi Wallace as Bride Sara Lee

Jon Harden as Fiddle Player JonBoy

Ron Lay as Groom Hot Younger

Victoria Perry as Mourner Connie Dolence

Pauline Hale as Mourner Bea Reeved

Linda Trenary as Mourner Ms. LaLa

Roy Proctor as Pall Bearer

TJ Holt as Pall Bearer

Shawna Lawson as Pall Bearer

Jeff Lovelady as Pall Bearer

Robert Carter as Preacher Bro. Jeremiah Lamentations III

Mike Johnston as Grave Digger Gravelly Pitt

Jim Corbridge as Grave Digger Sixter Spade

Claudia Butler as Mrs. O.F. Rocker

Owen Butler as Mr. O.F. Rocker

Pam Sitton as Dress Maker Purl Singer

Pam Leptich as Laundry Cabin - Pre-Wash Prudence

Carla O’Neal as Beauty Salon – Ms. Bobbi Pinn

Hannah Brown as Beauty Salon – Ms. Clairol

Mark Lee as Fisherman #1 Ima Lyre

Sam Williams as Fisherman #2 Heeza Lyre

Donnie Craine as GRDA Guy Simon Highwater

Pete Churchwell as Judge’s Husband Uncle Ned

Gina Casey as Ned’s Hand – Shorty

Jeff Lungren - Honey Creek Harmonizers

Ken Hinds -Honey Creek Harmonizers

Zeke Daniels - Honey Creek Harmonizers

Steve Bestmann - Honey Creek Harmonizers

Ellen O’Dell as Yard Sale Person Chita Buyer

Stan Starts as Guide #1

Johnnie Earp as Guide #2

Becki Farley as Guide #3

Christine Lietzke: Original Script

Lori Klickman: Original Script

Stan Starts: Original Script

Patti Beth Anderson: Attempted Direction

Stan Starts: Attempted Direction

Sandy Coaly: Boss

Pam Sitton -Production Team

Cheryl Franklin - Production Team

Kay Johnston – Production Team

Patti Beth Anderson – Production Team

Carolyn Williams – Ticket Taker

A limited number of tickets remain for the two-day event. 

Tickets are available at the village at 4404 West 20th Street, Grove, or on its website or by calling 918-786-6446. Tickets to the murder mystery are limited.