The Grove Ridgerunner football team soundly defeated the Jay Bulldogs 33 to 6 on Friday, Sept. 7, to win the 90th annual Delaware County Bowl.

The game brought packed crowds to Ridgerunner field with spectators lining the end zones and filling both stands.

Dalton Cash started his second game as the Ridgerunner quarterback and leader of the team facing off against Daylon Simpson with the Bulldogs.

The first score of the game didn’t happen until 2:39 left in the first quarter when Cash ran the ball for one yard followed by a successful PAT (point after touchdown) from kicker Josh Wright.

This game grove a lead before the end of the first quarter 6-0 over the Bulldogs.

The boys were working their short passes and running game to get yard on the play even utilizing Toby Cearley at one point when Cash flipped the ball to the former quarterback allowing Cearley to pass down field.

Nick Estrada was able to score a second touchdown for the Ridgerunner with 6:54 remaining in the second quarter followed by a good PAT.

The Bulldogs continued to work a strong passing game against the Ridgerunners allowing the to reach the endzone to score with an eight-yard run from Marcelo Montes De Oca but a blocked PAT.

This brought the score to 14-6 at the half in favor of the Ridgerunners.

The Bulldogs out threw the Ridgerunners in the first half by throwing 115 yards against Groves 97.

However, despite throwing for more yards both teams averaged just over 16 yards per completion.

The first half saw Grove throwing more to wide receiver Cearley to gain yards on the play and rushing from Kadian Forbis.

The second half of play moved to the ground for both teams.

Mason Baxter added 6 more to the board for Grove in the third quarter with a 19-yard touchdown pass from Cash but saw Wright miss his PAT bringing the score to 20-6.

In the fourth quarter Grove was able to push the Bulldogs back close to their own endzone and on the following play forced a fumble which was recovered by Dawson Tanner for a touchdown.

Followed by an attempted two-point conversion in which the refs ruled incomplete claiming the receiver did not have control of the ball.

Cash scored the final touchdown of the game with 3:28 remaining on the clock followed by the PAT to put the final nail in the coffin to win 33-6.

Notable rushing yards for the game include Forbis with 53, Cearley with 49, Nick Estrada with 47, Cash with 32 and Mason Baxter with 7 yards.

Pass receptions include Cearley with 52, Forbis with 23, Baxter with 19, Jonas Chaney with 18 and Estrada with 15 yards.

Quarterback Cash threw for a total of 104 yards averaging 14.85 yards per completion.