A radio tower sits in the middle of a field east of Grove.

From that tower the word of God is explained, preached, taught, expounded and honored.

Expository teaching coming from those airways is common, even from preachers and bible teachers that died years ago.

It was Darrell Martin’s dream to send that message over the radio and he did that for 10 years.

Martin died six months ago, but KWXC 88.9 Christian Talk Radio is determined to live on.

His wife Debbie and their children have had to regroup and a handful of dedicated volunteers have been by her side to keep the station going.

“The volunteers begged us to keep it, and it wasn’t sellable, the building was falling apart, mice were getting in and putting us off the air,” she said.

People came and helped, the building that holds the transformer was fixed up.

From broadcast engineers to people helping with programming to those that are bringing awareness to the station the legacy Darrell Martin left is poised to go on but it is still a struggle.

“He had a love for Grove and he wanted them to have a radio station and wanted it to be all God’s word, she said.

Martin said her husband gave everything for the radio station, which took 10 years to get the license and get on the air.

“When it came through he cashed in all of his retirement, we mortgaged the house and everything had to go to provide money for that" Martin said. "He sacrificed, he never bought a piece of clothing ever again, except boots, he would go to the Boot Box and get used boots."

Darrell was a Sunday School bus driver for almost 40 years

“For 36 years he drove the bus and when he got leukemia he couldn’t drive anymore,” she said. “We never got to go anywhere because it wasn’t remote."

Then last year Darrell sent Sharon Hoskins, their volunteer programming director to Colorado to learn how to run the system so the couple wouldn’t have to be in the studio every 30 minutes announcing the next program.

The Martins added a studio at Grace Harbor Baptist Church, which allows broadcasts to take place from that location as well.

“It was such a crucial time because last June when he got diagnosed with cancer they gave him two weeks to live,” Debbie said. “But God gave him eight more months.”

Currently the KWXC board is brainstorming ways to raise the $15 thousand to replace the transformer which in in danger of being obsolete and needs to go digital to assure it will stay on the air in the future.

“Every time we take a lightning strike it’s $700 to $1000 no matter what,” she said. “Lightning just tears stuff up, it blew the breakers right off the walls last time.

“We are always fighting critters and we’re always fighting lightning, power surges when the electricity goes off. “

Martin is working with REC to figure out a better way to protect the station's equipment, possibly drilling a well to divert the lightning.

She said volunteers and supports such as Sharon Hoskins, and Janie and Bob Ratzlaff, along with Roger King, a broadcast engineer, and others do things help keep the station going.

“These people are in the 70s and they are giving their life for eternal things,” she said.

Listening can also tune in online via their website, www.kwxcradio.com.

“Online we are averaging about 1,800 people a month and they are from all over the world,” Martin said. “ They are averaging about three hours that they are staying on, it used to be about an hour, so it has really picked up.

"So, we feel like if we cannot only reach Grove we can also reach the world.”

The programming is primarily all talk radio, no music except late at night.

Several worship services from churches within the Grove community and surround area can be heard on the station on Saturday and Sunday.

Martin said there are opportunities for additional local programming, however sponsorships are the biggest need.

She hopes people will become monthly supporters so the ministry can continue.

“We need not just sponsors but underwriters,” Martin said. “We need people that will come beside us and they just want to see God’s word get out. We need those type of people that would help us with that.

“In Grove, Oklahoma they can hear some of the best preachers in the country, and they can hear local preachers as well on the radio, we are very fortunate and we know there are people out there that know how priceless this is.”

For more information, or to make a donation, persons interested may visit www.kwxcradio.com