Tuesday, Aug. 28, brought the Miami Lady Wardogs softball team to Jay to battle the Jay Lady Bulldogs softball.

Though the Bulldogs put up a good fight, they lost 1 to 5 against the Wardogs.

Coach Mike Moore, though disappointed in the loss, said "after a slow start, the team was heading in the right direction. They are working together as a team and getting to know me better."

The Wardogs led off the first inning scoring two runs.

The Bulldogs came back with Maggie Lokey getting a pop fly caught. Marsis Foreman earned a single, Cayla Williams followed up with another single, but Foreman was thrown out at second. The inning ended with Shanae Lawrence being struck out. No score for Jay.

The second inning resulted in Miami with 3 up and 3 out, with Regan Dry delivering two strikeouts. When Jay took the bats, Cadie Guinn popped out; Kealeigh Mount and Dry were both thrown out at first.

Miami again had three at bats and three outs to begin the third inning. Jay came to the plate and Jay's Bailee Bishop was thrown out at first, Madikate Wagner got a single.

Lokey followed with another single, but Wagner lost the race to second. Foreman ended the inning with a caught pop fly.

The fourth inning saw Miama get a single with the first batter, but three outs on the next three batters.

Williams led off for Jay with a pop fly being caught for the first out, then Lawrence got a single with Lilly Gough taking Williams place as a substitute runner.

However, Gough didn’t get a chance to run far as Guinn popped out and Mount was thrown out at first with no score for Jay.

Miami continued to struggle against Dry’s pitching in the fifth. Though the first batter hit a double, the next three batters had outs.

Unfortunately, Jay struggled also as three hitters came to bat and three outs: Dry popped out, Foreman was thrown out at first and Williams also popped out.

In the sixth inning, Miami’s first batter had a pop fly caught, the second batter ended up on third base after a couple of Jay errors. The next two batters were thrown out at first, but the runner at third was able to score.

For the Bulldogs three batters, Guinn, Foreman and Williams each were thrown out at first base.

Things broke loose for Miami in the seventh inning. The first batter was walked, she then stole second base. The next batter hit a fly ball that was caught and Jay kept the runner on second.

Batter three got a single, but an error allowed the runner on second to become a RBI and the batter moved on to second.

On the next batter’s single she made to third. The runner on first then stole second base. Dry had enough and struck out the batter for the third out, stranding two runners.

The seventh inning began with Lawrence being walked. Guinn was thrown out at first, but advanced Lawrence to second base. Mount was walked, Dry hit a single, moving Lawrence to third and Mount to second.

Bases loaded and Jay was poised for a serious attack. Bishop came to the plate and was struck out, Wagner then hit a single and brought Lawrence home for the first score for the Bulldogs. Foreman had pop fly caught for the final out, leaving three runners on base.

Moore was encouraged by the way the girls played.

He pointed out "the team hasn't touched a ball or bat for most of a year. Since slow pitch [softball] was eliminated, there no spring or summer ball."

He said the team is doing a good job of "transitioning", as witnessed by "the outfield is better and we rotate with five players there.

With "Lokey leading off in batting, is solid; Williams began strong, but is in a bit of a lull, will be back strong again; and Foreman pitches in JV and is a solid back up to Dry. The whole team is getting better every game."

When asked his plans for next spring and summer to make up for the lack of slow pitch, he responded "we will play [minus the seniors] in the spring to keep sharp, plus play other teams in Oklahoma on weekend tourneys during the summer.

Moore pointed out that softball is "rated one of the toughest sports because you have to develop hand - eye coordination and there's danger [from the ball], plus the running."

"We are in a very, very tough district, but we are heading in the right direction," Moore said.