The Colcord Hornets buzzed past the Kansas Comets 38 to 20, during the 2018 South Delaware County Bowl on Thursday, Aug. 30, in Kansas.

Fans from both teams came out for the rivalry game and the season opener for both teams. Kansas won the toss, but deferred to receiving after the half.

Colcord started three and out, then punting to Kansas.

The Hornets rushed the line on third down and tackled the quarterback, Easton Wiggins, causing a fumble, recovered by the Hornet’s Dustin Foreman.

Though Blake Gonzalez got in a good 7 yard run, the Hornets stalled by the Comet defense and were forced to punt.

The Comets got in a couple of plays before Stormy Odle intercepted the Comets pass. The Comets held as the Hornets stuttered and had to punt.

At the start of the second quarter, the Comets were on the move until Raven DeFrancisco intercepted another Comets pass.

On their next play, Gonzalez broke free and took it home for the night’s first TD, then a field goal added an extra point.

The Hornets executed a short kick and was recovered by Hornets’ Foreman. They were only able to move the ball nine yards before they had to give the ball over on downs.

The Comets had a fumble and the Hornets’ Colton Dale recovered. They had a good pass to Jaden Chandler, but ended backing up due to a holding call against them.

Once again the Comets defense stopped the Hornets, causing them to punt. Both defenses were able to stall the opposing team on their next possessions, resulting in punts.

Finally, Gonzalez broke free again and scored Hornets’ second touchdown, but no extra point. Comets got the ball back, but got backed up with a penalty and then Hornets’ Aidan Parker intercepted the Comets’ pass. The half ended with Hornets 13 and Comets 0.

Comets had the ball at the start of the second half and they came out “on a mission."

They marched down the field as Davis Glass took the ball in for the Comets’ first touchdown and then secured a two-point conversion.

The Hornets secured the kickoff on their own 32 yard line and began their own march down the field, with Gonzalez running for another Hornets touchdown.

The kickoff to the Comets proved frustrating when they couldn’t move the ball and gave it back to the Hornets on downs.

But the Hornets couldn’t move the ball very far against the Comets’ defense and the Comets got the ball back on downs. It was a great stop by the Comets.

On their second play, Jager Pifer broke loose and scored a touchdown. After the kickoff to the Hornets, the Comets’ defense halted the Hornets’ efforts and they had to punt. Third quarter ended with Hornets 19, Comets 14

The fourth quarter began as the Comets’ ball. After two costly penalties against the Comets at the end the third quarter, they began moving the ball in earnest.

An Eastin Wiggins pass caught by Chance Kolysko brought the Comets to the nine yard line. From there Davis Glass punched it in for a touchdown.

The Hornets began their drive on the Hornets’ 48 yard line and moved it to the 27 yard line on four plays.

On the fifth play, DeFrancisco ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. On the next Comets’ possession, the Comets turned the ball over on downs, after moving it only 5 yards.

The Comets concluded that possession on downs and Hornets added another DeFranciso touchdown to end their possession.

After kick off to the Comets, they had moved the ball three yards when Hornets’ Chandler intercepted the Comets’ fourth down pass and took it home for another touchdown and an extra point.

On the Comets’ next possession, Wyatt Curtiss ran 37 yards and was stopped at the 11 yard line. Comets were unable to get the ball into the end zone before the game clock ran out. Final score was Hornets 38 and Comets 20.

“The mistakes hurt us," said Kansas Coach Jimmy Dushane. "If we cut the turnovers [eight] in half, it would be a different game. We challenged the kids, challenged the line to do what they know.

“I’m pleased with the way my kids fought and had heart. The linemen responded real well and hit hard. We’re going to prepare the kids with extreme emphasis on ball security. We have to eliminate turnovers if we’re going to get a chance to win the game. In the next game we have to step up in the first quarter and the first half. We need to be more physical so we can run our own game plan.”

With seven penalties costing them 67 yards, Colcord Coach Austin Martin allowed “there were times we gave them yards when we could have gotten off the field."

"We got to reduce penalties, so we can get off the field,” Martin said “He was proud of the team and we can take from this win that we can put up a fight, go the extra effort and work hard for the win.

“Blake has that special speed and good vision; Raven is a heady player, knows where the ball is and is good on one-to-one.

"We need to get better in every practice…better every day [and] then better every week. We’re going to work on conditioning our kids, because fatigue became a factor.” 

Colcord opens at home at 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 7, against Westville, while Kansas has its first away game at 7 p.m., Friday, in Ketchum.