The Lady Ridgerunners went 1-2 during play at the OK Shootout Tournament Friday and Saturday, Aug. 17 and 18, in Tuttle.

Lady Red lost to both Tuttle 0-6 and Carl Albert 1-10 but won against Cache 5-4 in their first tournament of the season.

Vs. Tuttle

Tuttle has a long history of being a difficult team and was the winner of last year’s softball state championship.

Lady Red took the field first against Tuttle with Kianna Pellegrino hitting a line drive for a single to start the game.

Ava Sarwinski then hit a sacrifice bunt for an out but advanced Pellegrino to second base.

Macee Barnes then doubled on a line dive to centerfield but Pellegrino was held up at third base and prevented from scoring on the play.

Blaze Redus was in the box next but unable to connect she struck out swinging followed by Emma Fields who hit a fly ball to left field to be caught out, to close the inning, leaving two runners stranded in scoring position.

Mikalle Pair was on the mound pitching for Lady Red to start their game against Tuttle.

The bottom of the first, saw a little action with no scores from Tuttle, who by the end of the inning left runners on second and first.

The top of the second, was a quick three and done with Tuttle striking out all three of the Grove batters.

In the bottom of the second Tuttle’s first batter stepped into the box, and after hitting a foul and taking a ball, she slugged a line drive over the right field wall for a home run.

Tuttle was only able to put a runner on first and second before closing out the inning with the Lady Red first baseman Elizabeth Cash earning her keep by getting all three outs of the inning with Grove trailing 0-1.

The top of the third, was another tough inning for the girls, with another three up and three down.

With Eraya Elder striking out to start Pellegrino hit a fly ball to right field for the second out and Sarwinski struck out swinging to end the inning.

The bottom of the third saw Tuttle score again, after the first batter was hit by the pitch, followed by an out and two walks to load the bases.

A grounded then earned another out, but not before Tuttle was able to score a run prior to the end of the inning with Lady Red trailing 0-2.

The top of the fourth, saw Lady Red continue to struggle against the Tuttle pitcher with a ground out, strikeout and a pop out ending the half of the inning quickly.

Tuttle scored another two runs in the bottom of the fourth, with one on an error, after a ground ball went past Grove left fielder Elder before the inning ended 0-4 with Grove trailing.

Another quick three and done for the Lady Red saw the bottom of the fifth approach and the game time running short.

Grove relieved pitcher Pair with Laken Malone in the bottom of the fifth hoping to change up the game.

Tuttle’s first batter was hit by the pitch to take a base, followed by a single RBI to center.

A second single put runners on first and second, before another single near first baseman Cash, allowed Tuttle to score another run.

The next Tuttle batter scored another single, loading the bases for the team when game time expired, and the game was called as a loss for the Lady Ridgerunners 0-6.

Barnes and Pellegrino were the only two girls to get a hit against Tuttle, as Lady Red struggled to connect with the ball against the Tuttle pitcher.

Pair’s WHIP or walk hits per inning pitched for the game was 2.25 as compared to the Tuttle pitchers which was 0.40.

Vs. Cache

The girls were able to rest for the night after their loss to Tuttle and returned to the field early Saturday for a 9 a.m. start against the Cache Lady Bulldogs winning 5-4 after six innings.

Pair was back on the mound for the Lady Ridgerunners to throw against Cashe.

Starting the game with a walk to load a runner on first Lady Red then turned a double play after a grounder sent to pitcher Pair is thrown to second then a tag on the runner for two.

Following the double play the girls then threw out the Lady Bulldog's runner at first to retire the at bat.

Big Red started the inning off with a ground out at first by Pellegrino, followed by a single from Sarwinski.

The following double by Barnes put runners on second and third.

Unable to get their runners home after a ground out and a line out the girls ended the inning scoreless 0-0.

The second inning continued to go scoreless with the Bulldogs leaving a runner stranded at second before taking the mound.

Lady Red again left two runners stranded in scoring position at the end of the second, with a runner on third and second.

The Lady Bulldogs were able to score one run in the top of the third, after a pop fly allowed the runner to tag up and head home bringing the score to 0-1 with Grove trailing.

It was in the bottom of the third, that Lady Red go a foothold on the score board after a single by Sarwinski, and a double by Barnes put runners on second and third.

Fields, then hit a line drive to center field for a double with an RBI, allowing Sarwinski to score.

Cash, then struck out looking and the following ground out at first by Pair ended the inning tied 1-1.

The Lady Bulldogs scored again in the fourth to leave Lady Red trailing 1-2.

The bottom of the fourth, was a quick three and out for the Grove girls, and then saw a quick turn around in the top of the fifth, with Pair earning two strikeouts.

The bottom of the fifth saw some action from the Lady Ridgerunners, after a ground out at first, and a strikeout put two outs on the board quickly.

Redus was then able to hit a double advancing to second, followed by a single from Fields putting a runner on first and third.

Cash then hit a double to center field allowing, Redus to score for an RBI, advancing Fields to third and leaving Cash on second.

Pair stepped up to the plate and hit a hard ground ball to left field, bringing Fields and Cash into score for two RBIs, but saw Pair tagged out running towards second to end the inning with Grove now leading 4-2 over the Lady Bulldogs.

The Lady Bulldogs were quickly able to put a runner on first with a single, but got an out when she was caught stealing second on the next play.

The next batter was walked, followed by a double putting a runner on second and third.

A ground out to first allowed the Lady Bulldogs to score an RBI, with two outs on the board and a runner on third.

Taking advantage of a passed ball, or wild pitch Cache was able to score by sending home the runner from third home. before the inning was ended in a tie 4-4, with a caught foul.

With game time expired in the bottom of the sixth, the girls from Grove needed one run to end the game or risk going extra innings.

Lady Red's first batter Pace drew a walk, followed by a sacrifice bunt from Elder to advance Pace to second placing her in scoring position.

The Lady Bulldogs pitcher then intentionally walked batter Pellegrino, and Sarwinski hoping to find a weaker batter.

However, that brought Barnes to the plate, who is sporting a batting average of .556 over the last six games, an on base percentage of .550 with a slugging percentage of 1.167.

True to her stats, Barnes singled to center field bringing in Pace with the RBI to win the game 5-4.

Pair threw a better game against Cache then Tuttle with a WHIP of 1.50 compared to 2.62 from the Lady Bulldog pitcher.

Pair also threw three strikeouts and 15 first pitch strikes against the Lady Bulldogs and a total of 45 strikes out of 68 pitches.

Leading the game in batting, was pitcher Pair with two RBIs, Barnes with three hits, and a total of 11 hits for the game by the team.

Cash, Barnes and Fields also brought in one RBI each.

Vs. Carl Albert

The Lady Ridgerunners then turned around for a double header, this time facing the Carl Albert Titans losing 1-10 after five innings.

Grove was the visiting team for this game, stepping up to bat first was Pellegrino earning a triple on a line drive to right field.

Sarwinski and Barnes both lined out bringing Redus up to bat.

Redus was able to connect, hitting a single line drive to left field bringing the runner in from third for an RBI.

Fields then grounded out at first to end the inning.

The bottom of the first saw Malone on the mound for the Lady Ridgerunners giving Pair some needed rest.

After an early run scored the Lady Titans had two outs and bases loaded.

Lady Titan outfielder, Emily Fleming, connected for a Grand Slam bringing in four runs against the Lady Ridgerunner, before ending the first inning with Grove trailing 1-5.

Neither team were able to score until the fifth inning with both pitchers and fielders preventing runs.

The Lady Titans were able to put another five runs on the board in the bottom of the fifth, this time one and two runs at a time.

Game time then expired before the end of the inning, resulting in a loss for the Lady Ridgerunners 1-10 against the Lady Titans.

Regardless of the score pitcher, Malone did have a good game by throwing 19 first pitch strikes and a total of 47 strikes out of 82 pitches with no batters hit or wild pitches thrown.

She ended with a WHIP of 2.36 compared to the Lady Titan pitcher, with a WHIP of 0.23.

Both Redus and Pellegrino, had the only two hits for the game with Redus earning the only RBI of the match.

The Lady Ridgerunners will next face off against Oologah at 5 p.m. Monday Aug. 20 with result unavailable at press time.

Following their game against Oologah, they will be traveling to the Dewey tournament in which they have a long winning history of competing in.

The Dewey tournament will run Wednesday to Saturday, Aug. 23 to Aug 25. Game times are TBA.