The following items were filed July 30 to Aug. 3 in Delaware County District Court. Information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website. 


Brian Anderson, unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute (after former conviction of felony)

Harold Fletcher, maintain place for keeping/selling controlled substance

Mariah Murray, unlawful use of communication facility

Tracy Pilkington, assault and battery with dangerous weapon

Johnny Qualls, endeavoring to deliver controlled dangerous substance – methamphetamine

Steven Shamblin, possession of firearm after former felony conviction (after former conviction of felony)

Daniel Smith, harboring a fugitive from justice 


Nathan Anderson, carrying weapons

Michael Harlin, public intoxication

Robert Kirby, driving under influence alcohol aggravated

Travis Krueger, failure to carry security verification form

Jason Lankston, driving while suspended, cancelled, revoked

Tamara Logan, failure to carry security verification form

Shayleah Nipps, failure to carry security verification form

Sarah Nunnally, obstructing an officer

Dylan Pendergraft, dumping trash on public/private property

Steven Runnels, driving under influence of alcohol – aggravated

Jorden Rutherford, dumping trash on public/private property

Charles Sharpp, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Robert Shipley, public intoxication

Brandon Spohn, obstructing a officer

Sage Spragg, failure to maintain security


Shanen Leaf and Cassandra Blair

Randy Burton and Jessica Hushelpeck

Jerry Hoffman and Patricia Hoffman

Richarad Wetta and Heather Moch

Andrew Venable and Rachel Schrivener 


Joshua Black vs. Bridget Black, divorce

Sydne Hutchison vs. Clay Cottom, child support

Ronald Cousins vs. Tracy Cousins, divorce

Shonda Johnson vs. Michael Johnson, divorce

Tisha Nichols vs. Mark Nichols, divorce

Cliff Raybrook vs. Sharon Raybrook, divorce

Kylie Shaw vs. Ethan Shaw, divorce

Letitia Widick vs. Christopher Widick, divorce

H.E. Willis vs, R.A. Willis, divorce

Gerald Wickham vs. Gina Buzzard, paternity/custody

Christopher Crites vs. Samantha Lablanc, paternity/child support

Thomasina Newton vs. Cody Horton, paternity/child support


Mary Ellen Barnes vs. Travis Haslock

Carolyn Pinkley vs. Cindy Foreman

Shayla Hartfield vs. Christopher Gonzales

Carrie Sater vs. Sidney Thomas

Amber Vanway vs. Travis Vanway 






Ruth Marris, petition for probate of will 


Grand Savings Bank vs. Merrill Amos, foreign judgment

Arvest Bank vs. Greg Butler, money judgment over $10,000

Arvest Bank vs. Greg Oswald, money judgment over $10,000

Hill Glass and Door, LLC vs. Builders Unlimited, Inc. money judgment over $10,000

Georgeann Royce vs. Virginia Smith, petition for injunctive relief and temporary injunction

David Morris vs. Brittany Sharbutt, money judgment over $10,000

American Express National Bank vs. Terri David, money judgment under $10,000.

Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. vs. Savannah Belden, money judgment under $10,000.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Joy Burnidge, money judgment under $10,000

Capital One Bank vs. Leslie Townsend, money judgment under $10,000

Siloam Springs Arkansas Hospital vs. Malena Caulkins, money judgment under $10,000

Discover Bank vs. Sarah Cousin, money judgment under $10,000

Siloam Springs Arkansas Hospital vs. Sequoyah Hinzo, money judgment under $10,000

Midland Funding LLC vs. Phillip Martin, money judgment under $10,000


James O'Neal vs. Terri Collins, petition for approval of settlement