With large amounts of traffic and a large number of people, ensuring safety for cars and pedestrians alike is an important task.

Jay Chamber President Becki Farley said emergency personnel will be located on the north and south side of town in case of an emergency outside of cruise night and to ensure emergency personnel do not have to travel through the traffic to reach one side of town or another.

Jay police officers will be on hand, ensuring drivers handle vehicles in a safe manner. They will also enforce street laws through the day on Cruise Night.

Throughout the evening, JPD officers - with the assistance from area and county officials - will watch for drivers operating vehicles in a “manner not reasonable and proper” or “recklessly driving."

Officers will not enforce the state statute which makes operating a vehicle without a muffler a fineable offense during Cruise Night, but open headers must be capped by 10 p.m.

There will be no ATV’s allowed during this years event, and all vehicles must be “street legal”.

Fines for operating a vehicle in a manner not reasonable and proper is $200, with $40 court cost.

The fine for reckless driving - or driving a motor vehicle in a careless or wanton manor without regard of public safety - is $200, with $40 court costs.

The fine for operating a motor vehicle without a muffler, in good working order, is $50 with $40 court cost.

Note: Drag racing and excessive spinning of tires (such as burnouts, power stalls, etc.), falls under the statute of “operating vehicle in a manner not reasonable and proper” or, depending on the circumstances, may rise to the level of “Reckless Driving.”